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Mon 25th Jun 2012

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Pyotr commented on Albert Chen - Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II Aim...:

@0LD_SK0OL_PUNK For all his faults and the general crapiness of Episodes 1-3, how can you hate the man who gave us the original New Hope? I remember seeing it at the cinema when it came out. I was about six and it was the first film I ever saw at a cinema. It blew my mind. I could forgive him almost anything for that.
Back on topic, I would love to see Rogue Squadron II on 3DS.



Pyotr commented on Reaction: Age Ratings and Video Games:

I think you are missing an important question in the survey. "You ask How often do you play age restricted games, under age?". As an adult, my answer to that quest has to be 'never'. You don't ask whether I let my children play age restricted games, under age. My answer to that would be 'Sometimes, under supervision'.



Pyotr commented on First Impressions: New Super Mario Bros. 2:

Have you completed the hidden level at the end? I find it hard to believe you would call SM3DL an easy game if you had. Admittedly, the game starts off deceptively easy but the difficulty ramps up in the special levels and that last, hidden level is fiendish. I would say it's one of the hardest levels on any of the games I've played.



Pyotr commented on Nintendo Download: 28th June 2012 (Europe):

I can't believe Marvel Pinball is ready already! I thought it was going to be towards the end of the year. I love Zen Pinball so Marvel is a definite for me. I won't even wait for the review.