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Male, 17, United Kingdom

Long time Nintendo fan, aspiring game designer and lover of tactics; from RTS to FPS. Creativity is my friend and monotony my nemesis. ~Scottish(ish), born in the US~

Tue 11th December, 2012

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PvtOttobot commented on Snazzy Golf Balls Added to Club Nintendo in PA...:

I don't think I'll get these, don't like golf and don't really have enough points. Spent 'em all on the MK8 badges! Incase anyone was doubting their awesomeness, I give them an amazing out superb! The casing is actually REALLY nice too!



PvtOttobot commented on Parent Trap: The Eyes Have It, Why amiibo Deta...:

I think the detail in the Amiibo is pretty great overall. However, it's the faces of the more realistic characters that fall short. The eyes may be nice, but the detail in the rest of the face is pretty sparse! I wish I had my Link Amiibo review up, but alas, exams have postponed it :'( Although I did manage to get a video detailing my custom Amiibo project up :) (which also apologises for not getting the review up xD)

My little brother (also featured on my channel) is really excited for his Amiibo this Christmas, for some reason he's taken a liking to Samus...? I think it's because she looks so badass. It'll be hard to explain to him why the suggestive and feeble zero suit is inside that awesome warrior. I'd like to know the answer myself!



PvtOttobot commented on Video: Don't Feel Bad If You Self Destruct in ...:

@Giygas_95 Oh trust me I know, I rarely use aether, but some times it's necessary. What I've died from most is using aether within ledge grab distance, but falling due to facing away from the stage! Ike doesn't grab from aether unless you quickly tap towards the stage pre aether.



PvtOttobot commented on Super Smash Bros. Grabs Third Place in NPD Cha...:

They obviously grouped them together because they have the same name + for platform. Very similar to all those multiplatform releases that get to accumulate sales from 50 different platforms. ORAS on the other hand are no more similar than Pokemon Diamond Version and Pokemon Red Version, they are all Pokemon ________ Version, so going purely by names, they'd all be counted as one xD therefore they have to separate any Pokemon games with differing names.



PvtOttobot commented on Feature: The Long Evolution of the Pokémon Tr...:

I collect them and just play with my neighbours a bunch! check out my channel Everything Amiibo (, it's pretty much Amiibo, Pokemon TCG and just about anything Nintendo :)



PvtOttobot commented on Digital Foundry Gives Its Take on Watch Dogs f...:

Also, I am extrememly happy with this game. I'm not comparing it to other versions or Nintendo's first partys which never produce anything in this genre. I'm very happy with my £35 purchase, it's a nescecary edition for a 17 year old that only has brightly coloured karting and ott fantasy games on his Wii U. Have we forgotten what games are about?! Having fun! And I am having the most fun with this that I've had since Monster Hunter Tri graced the Wii :)