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2015. Oh yeah, and 20 freaking 14!

Male, 17, United Kingdom

Long time Nintendo fan, aspiring game designer and lover of tactics; from RTS to FPS. I guess I'm a skater now too. Of course, my board is still pac-man themed so :}

Tue 11th December, 2012

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PvtOttobot commented on Weirdness: Hear Nintendo's Classic Themes Play...:

I'm glad this guy's making fun of it, seeing as I can't even bring myself to finish watching any of the acapella renditions that are plaguing youtube, seeing as they're so unbelievable nerdy... so nerdy I (a nerd) call them nerdy!



PvtOttobot commented on Ubisoft's Latest UK Release Schedule Still Sho...:

I really want to buy watch dogs seeing as I've never owned an open-world game (besides Lego City Undercover ;P) and neither have I owned a mature shooter. I don't care about the next GTA, CoD or Watch Dogs type of game, I just think it would be pretty stupid of me to miss out on a whole generation of games that were regarded by many, as great games!



PvtOttobot commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Brings Life to the 3DS...:

@cfgk24 Nah, I don't mean unusable breakage, It's just that it has quite a couple of cracks and scratches, a tearing D-pad, a dodgy R button and of course, those stupid marks on the top screen. All of these things I'd love to have fixed, and I've been wanting a limited edition (/customisable) 3DS for a long time, so waiting for the new 3DS is perfect for me, certainly when compared to the many people who have bought multiple 3DSs :)



PvtOttobot commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

I'm guessing these'll be dished out in the west along with MH4, if they do that, it (MonHun) will be guaranteed to finally get the sales they need to make it big!



PvtOttobot commented on Xenoblade Chronicles Coming to 3DS in Japan:

@Nareva If they come to EU, I'll be getting a new 3DS for MH4, and so I'd want to pick up Xenoblade 3DS as I missed it on Wii. But my guess is that this model isn't coming to the west at all (and therefore no Xenoblade) as it's compatible games are all Japanese exclusives/top sellers only in Japan :(