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Male, 17, United Kingdom

Long time Nintendo fan, aspiring game designer and lover of tactics; from RTS to FPS. Creativity is my friend and monotony my nemesis. ~Scottish(ish), born in the US~

Tue 11th December, 2012

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PvtOttobot commented on Review: OlliOlli (Wii U eShop):

<---- I think you can tell that I'm going to love this game ;)
Still though, with skating and gaming mentioned, I can't help but wonder about the Skate series, next gen Skate 4? Wii U? Ok, I'm stretching it with Wii U, but man, Skate is hugely loved series and I don't think EA will just let all that love (money) sit there.



PvtOttobot commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Free DLC, Including ...:

@Boidoh Yeah, as they said, the demo doesn't really do it justice. The game's real magic is in the 'leveling' system (or lack thereof). It's all about A) forging better armor/weapons from the monsters you fight, finding better items and upgrading just about anything B) Improving your raw button skill, weapon skill, knowing the monsters, knowing the right items to take and knowing the right strategy. No other game puts such an emphasis on ACTUAL EXPERIENCE, none of this '+10 exp', it's a simple, the more you play the better you get. It's an extremely gratifying system, and coupled with A) it totally makes you feel like a real life greenhorn monster hunter on a quest for glory :D



PvtOttobot commented on Pokémon World Championships European Qualifyi...:

Trying to rack up some TCG points, this'll be my first year with TCG :D did VGC last year, didn't go so well, but LOVED it! The breeding, however, has put me off VGC for at least a year. All that time consuming testing too, coupled with uni... shudder



PvtOttobot commented on Splatoon Developers Give a Splash of Informati...:

I agree in that most of this is already known, but I am 100% hyped for this game, and am fully supportive of Nintendo making new IPs! Especially more advanced and groundbreaking games such as this, as apposed to Poject Steam etc. This feels like Ninty's first real effort to make a lasting IP, one that might deserve sequels or deserve to be in smash, etc