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MEng baby! 26th!! Computers!!!

Male, 17, United Kingdom

Long time Nintendo fan, aspiring game designer and lover of tactics; from RTS to FPS. I guess I'm a skater now too. Of course, my board is still pac-man themed so :}

Tue 11th December, 2012

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PvtOttobot commented on FAST - Racing League:

Wow! That's stunning, the same level of background detail as MK8 but also realistic graphics, impressive!!



PvtOttobot commented on Feature: Ahead Of Hyrule Warriors, We Take A L...:

I've been playing them at my neighbours for good few years now, but my first Warriors game was Samurai on the 3DS, I loved it, but it was too thin in content/modes. Being a big Zelda fan as well, I couldn't be more hyped for Hyrule Warriors!!



PvtOttobot commented on SmileBASIC Will Bring Petit Computer Game Deve...:

I already know p-basic, so I've got the basics sorted, and I'm a programmer to and through: I'm a game dev and my Uni course heavily involves code. So I'll probably be picking this up for fun, I rather enjoyed WW: DIY, and I'm assuming this has some similarities.