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Mon 4th June, 2012

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Ps4all commented on Video: Today's Teens Simply Cannot Handle The ...:

I am actually replaying this right now on 3ds(currently on Dr. Wily stages). I started with Mega Man 2 when I was a kid(although I am old enough to have played Mega Man 1). This video is a little unfair though because Bomb man Stage is not the first stage to play. Every Mega Man game has an unwritten order you play in that provides a learning curve. They should have started on Heatman.



Ps4all commented on Review: Super Mario Advance (Wii U eShop / Gam...:

This was the first gameboy advance game I bought. I was in Singapore with the Marines and walked into a Toys R Us and saw the Gameboy Advance. At the time I was blown away as the gameboy had been out forever and the Advance hadn't even been talked about in the States back in 2001. I loved this, even though half the menus were in Japanese(which I don't speak).



Ps4all commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Highlights Importance of Chil...:

I grew up with the big N. I got LOZ along with my first NES for my 6th birthday- and fell in love. Now my 4 year old daughter loves to play Mario Kart 8 with me. It's become a family tradition. Also, that kid with Miyamoto in the pic on the far left looks like a mini-Reggie.



Ps4all commented on Don't Worry, Nintendo Hasn't Forgotten About T...:

This is ridiculous. Two bit android app makers can make emulators for these games. I don't believe the extremely talented engineers at Nintendo are having trouble with emulation. It's about money, they want to release games slowly to make sure they sell. Oh, and I totally bought Tecmo bowl on 3ds and ice hockey on wii u. I would love to see Nintendo release a deluge of VC games.