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Fri 12th April, 2013

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Progniss commented on Talking Point: The Blurring Lines of Kickstart...:

I think you're really misunderstanding the entire point of kickstarter and a few other things as well.

Firstly, kickstarter "investments," when you put down money no matter the goal doesn't actually quantify you as an investor, meaning: someone who owns part of the company property. It means you're investing in an idea and a dream you also believe in. As a bonus they're giving you things, extras for believing with them and showing your support.

Also, when an indie game company makes a page, then reaches their goal and are picked up by a publish, you're angry, because now they''ve garnered professional insight? You feel you've been robbed? Truth is, you're going to be a better project with the hard work and sweat from the indie team and the professional experience, knowledge and advice from the publisher. So you say, "well wtf!? What about my money, they don't need it now!" Oh so now that they are getting help from a publisher, all of a sudden it doesn't cost money to port to different consoles? LOL! Get real, guy. What a joke. They got picked up because the consoles are already paid for so the publish does t have to pocket the cost. Now they get to work with them on porting to other consoles, get their name on it as well and bring in some extra $$ for the publisher name as well. Honestly this is a win for everyone and your money is still being used how it was intended to be used.

Media at Its finest again. Blowing things out of proportion and jumping to a conclusion for the sake of viewership. I really wish the guy who wrote this article approached it from the POV of maybe both sides instead of a linear conclusion that propogates faulty information. I mean you even admitted to not being a backer and knowing no backstory then jumping into assuming things.

I've supported many ideas on kickstarter and helped those dreams become reality.