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Sun 19th Jan 2014

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Proff commented on Review: Wii Sports Club: Golf (Wii U eShop):

I should have typed "So, overall this new game tries to improve on the previous one."

And I'll add that in my opinion, the old Wii Sports golf was the best of the Wii golf games. It had a perfect blend of "fun" and "skill". It didn't try too hard to be realistic, yet still required you to concentrate and improve your skills. I tried the Tiger Woods games, and they just didn't have the same feel as Sports Resort golf.

If Nintendo update the game to solve the issues that I`ve pointed out, I'm sure I'd be choosing the new version over the old one. As it stands, it's OK, but doesn't have the same "one more round" that the old one did.



Proff commented on Review: Wii Sports Club: Golf (Wii U eShop):

As very regular (most weekends) players of the old Wii Sports Resort Golf, this is a game that me and a couple of friends have been very much looking forward to. Despite know the 18 holes on Sports Resort Golf like the back of our hands, and being able to regularly score 15 under par or better, we always found the game fun and enough of a challenge to keep going back for another round. All we wanted was Nintendo to release one or more new courses, and we'd have handed over some money and carried on playing the game to death.

When I heard that the new game uses the controller pad screen and had at least a few new holes, I really looked forward to our "new game".

We have now played the new holes about six times, and had a couple of goes at the "original" holes. Although it's still early days with the game, I have come to a few suprising(?) conclusions.

First the good points. The control pad display of the ball takes a bit of getting used to, but now seems to add something to the game. Being able to see the head of the club, and the lie of the ball makes the game seem a little more realistic (not that we really want perfect realism, but it's a nice touch). The sharper and slightly more detailed graphics are also nice, but not essential to what makes Wii golf such a good game to play. It's also good to see nine new holes to play. The actual mechanics of the swing you have to perform have been altered (I'm not going to use the word "improved" though), which brings a new challenge to the game.

Now the not so good points. Sadly, I think that the new golf is actually a backward step in it's current form. There seem to be few "fatal" flaws with the game. I'll start with the biggest problem. When you tee off with the driver, you usually want to hit the ball hard to gain the most distance. On the old game, this involved a long, fast(ish) swing of the controller. I took real golf lessons last year and discovered (unsuprisingly) that to hit the ball a long distance, a long and fairly fast swing was required. Thinking that this new Wii U golf game might be a bit more realistic than the old game, you would think that a long swing would obtain max strength. The first few times we played the game, we all struggled to get much above 3/4 strength. Occasionally one of us would hit the perfect shot, but we struggled to discover how to do it consistently. After a lot of experimentation, it seems that the only way to hit the ball full strength is to take a very short backswing (around 1 "notch), then swing the controller as far as you can, but not too quickly. This seems to work fairly regularly, but hardly feels realistic. This ruins what otherwise would have been a very good control system. With the added controller display and seemingly more demanding challenge of keeping the shot straight, the new game should feel more realistic and be a pleasant challenge. Instead it seems frustrating and flawed.

The other main issue with the new game are the new 9 holes. New hole layouts would be more than welcome if they were well designed. These new holes might seem OK, but once you`ve played them a few times you end up realising that they aren't so clever. Yes, they are quite a lot more difficult than the original holes (even the extra nine holes that were introduced into Sports Resort). The reason they are difficult is not because there are a few extra bunkers, or the greens are more challenging (although they are). It's becuase many of the holes are too long. If the game is even slightly trying to emulate real golf, why do so many of the new holes require two, or even three driver shots ? Even if you can get a full strength shot, you are often faced with a ridiculously long second shot that requires the use of the driver. I'm pretty sure that doesn't happen on real golf courses, and certainly didn't on the old game. The other thing I notice is that the fairways are often fragmented. This means that it's pretty much down to luck if you land on fairway (enabling a longer second shot) or rough. Having a fairway split up into "stepping stones" isn't natural, and it turns many of the holes into more of a game of chance than skill. It can't be that difficult for Nintendo to design good hole layouts, and better still, more courses. We'd happily pay a few £ extra to buy an extra course. I suppose the game might not be popular enough for Nintendo to do this, but maybe the game would be more popular if there were more variety in it.

The final "problem" we've noticed with the game is with the flag on the green. Yesterday I had two putts that were seemingly going to be holed, but because the flag was left in the hole, they bounced off the pin and I missed the putt. This was never a problem with the old game, as once you were on the green, the pin was removed. There is no real need for the flag to be left in the hole when you are taking a putt in this game, but for some reason it is sometimes left in place, making the putt more of a lottery. Maybe there should be a button to allow the player to remove the flag at any point (just like a caddy would in the real game), or simply not have the flag in the hole if you are using the putter.

So, overall this new game does improve on the previous one. The problem is that there are some fairly major flaws which make me want to go back to playing the old one. If Nintendo can solve these problems with an update, and maybe even consider designing a few new courses, then I'll be more than happy to continue playing it, and maybe Nintendo will earn some extra money from it.