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Mon 11th May 2009

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ProfDocMF commented on Flipnote Studio Available This Friday:

For the people who don't understand the hype: It's all about the ability to be creative for some people and also the hype has been built up since friggin' forever on this with rumors and false release dates aplenty. This is also the first big app that is strictly for the DSi. I am not including the Facebook update because was as nice as it was, it's nothing HUGE. I for one have also wanted this since I got my DSi back in April and really hope Nintendo doesn't disappoint us in the US on Monday. If they do I'm sure there will be poo storm a brewin'.



ProfDocMF commented on NA DSi Owners to Get Facebook Fuctionality Ton...:

I do agree with you about having more features. However, keep in mind that the system is not even 4 months old yet. There is E-mail functionality through the web browser, and as far as the no good games goes you must not have played a lot or are picky because there are a ton (MFC, most of the ART Style games, etc.). I'm not trashing you or anything but I just think that you may be using the word pathetic to early. Besides at least, A. we know that they are trying to do something cool with the DSi and B. An update is better than nothing. Again I am totally with you on having bought a DSi and not seeing much or being excited for extras. As Guns N' Roses says:

"Gotta have some patience, yeah
All it takes is patience
Just a little patience
Is all you need"
For now I'll take this and eagerly wait for more.