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Male, Belgium

Sun 3rd Jun 2012

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Pro-N-Gamer commented on Nintendo 64x64: Jet Force Gemini:

Final boss in this game was hard as hell really loved the gameplay and the atmosphere in this game. A 9/10 in my opinion.. Should play this title again when i have more time.



Pro-N-Gamer commented on Mario And Zelda On Mobile Could Bring New Play...:

Who wants to play a Nintendo title on touch controls? The feeling would suck badly and it isn't original at all... People who want Nintendo games at their smartphone can forget it! Nintendo won't give up that easily because the Wii U is having a hard time now.. If you want Nintendo on the go you buy a 3DS (still alot cheaper than a smartphone).



Pro-N-Gamer commented on GAME Expands Its Range of 3DS eShop Codes to I...:

Went for a trip to London and visited a Game store.. Bought a 3DS code and only got the receipt with the download code. I did asked if i could get the eShop card too because it's cool but they told me it wasn't possible to give it :/



Pro-N-Gamer commented on The Nintendo 64 Kids Recall The Christmas When...:

I got my N64 in 1998 for my 13th birthday.. I was so excited, but not that crazy excited the N64 was a really good system with many great titles. Didn't got my Wii U on xmas but the day before launch ^^ i was like: 'WIIIIIIIIII U OMG!!!' but thats just what i said in my head so