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Thu 22nd Dec 2011

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Powerglove2 commented on Interview: The Power Of Glove Filmmakers Adam ...:

dude,i cant believe so many people think the power glove is "disappointing" or a "failure" its such nonsense! I SWEAR ON MY CHILD IN MY WIFE'S WOMB THAT IT **WORKS!** to a quite fun degree...then on top of that, you can do crazy things with it for other purposes than just your NES.
A great story to just show how well it CAN work is when i played gotcha the sport...i replaced the controller aspect of the game for movement with the glove and literally fused the power glove and zapper gun together in to one working control entity for gotcha!
i also rule on punch-out with it and can even do the upper-cuts just like in the commercial! "flop" no...the users not reading their manual and practicing that was the flop.



Powerglove2 commented on Are Virtual Console games good value for money?:

i had to sign up to chime in on this because this is stupid! of course the real deal is expensive because all the VC is, is "emulation" nothing can or ever will substitute for the original of NES, SNES and N64 hardware! EVER! lol
i started collecting 3yrs ago and have amassed a huge old skool Nintendo collection that could easily be a heavy weight contender for top 5 collections in the world and i wouldn't trade that for the world! especially for a VC "emulator"!