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postmanX3 commented on Review: Samurai Warriors: Chronicles (3DS):

Alright, I'd firstly like to apologize for getting a little hotheaded. It was definitely an overreaction, so I really am sorry if I came off as unreasonable. (A few too many sleepless nights and several papers to be working on does that to me, I suppose. )

As for assertions that my claims are ridiculous, I'm not arguing that you can't have an opinion. I'm just arguing that very, very few reviewers approach this game correctly, largely because it's a niche type of game. Whereas everyone knows how to play the latest Call of Duty, understanding the intricacies of a Warriors title takes a little more work simply because we in the West don't see a lot of games in this style. Imagine a review for Street Fighter that complains about how you have to learn command inputs and incorrectly states that, I dunno, Ultra Combos are fueled by the Super Meter and you'll understand what I feel like when I'm reading this review.

And yes, I'm perfectly aware that reviews are, by their nature, an opinion piece, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, I feel that part of the job of a reviewer is to learn the game he/she is playing, and articulate their thoughts. I CAN understand not enjoying the Warriors series because it is repetitive — as it is indeed repetitive by nature. (Nearly all games are.) I CAN'T understand how one could ever claim the series focuses on 'button-mashing' — that's false, and anyone who's played through the whole game on something more than Easy can tell you that. I CAN understand finding the narrative disjointed — even I was initially confused by the main character's constant side-switching at first. I CAN'T understand how you could claim the narrative is unbelievable or incorrect — again, such a claim is flat-out wrong. This game has a LOT of historical basis and historical allusions, it just takes some liberties with the events of battles and character interactions to spice things up a little.

Again, that is enough. You have said your peace regarding that particular point of contention. Let it lie. — TBD



postmanX3 commented on Review: Samurai Warriors: Chronicles (3DS):


Which is entirely true, but not expressed in the review.


I believe that stating the reviewer clearly did not play the game, or at least did not understand what he was playing are entirely valid. If you find my accusations worded harshly or otherwise inappropriate, then I suppose I'll just have to deal with your judgement, but it certainly doesn't make the review's claims any more valid.



postmanX3 commented on Review: Samurai Warriors: Chronicles (3DS):


I will admit that the invis-enemies are a pretty legitimate failing of this game, but it's certainly not like they can't be countered. Simply keeping an eye on your map and radar will always alert you to any enemies around, whether they're physically visible or not. For that matter, the appearing grunts shouldn't pose a threat at all, even if you aren't watching the map, simply because they're easily countered... if you're not button mashing. Try actually learning the characters' combos and their ins and outs and you'll probably enjoy the game a whole lot more than if you simply hammer away at the face buttons and hope for success. Most characters have huge AoE attacks that'll kill or incapacitate huge groups of enemies if you know which buttons to press and when to press them.



postmanX3 commented on Review: Samurai Warriors: Chronicles (3DS):


Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors are two franchises by the same developers (Omega Force) with similar gameplay. However, there are a few key differences. Dynasty Warriors is set in China during the Three Kingdoms period of its history, and the gameplay often focuses more on killing lots of dudes than Samurai Warriors. SW is set in Japan during the Sengoku ('Warring States'), and thus involves an entirely separate cast of characters. Additionally, SW focuses more on mission-based, focused fighting than the violently indulgent mass-slaughtering of DW.



postmanX3 commented on Review: Samurai Warriors: Chronicles (3DS):

Well, I'm not at all surprised by this review. But... argh... I am disappointed. I can usually trust Nintendo Life to give games a truly fair shake (as evidenced by the Samurai Warriors 3 review), but this review is just factually incorrect on so many levels, as per usual of Warriors reviews.

The problems really start in the paragraph that begins "As you fight, your Spirit Gauge increases, allowing you to do special “Musou” attacks." which is just incorrect. The Spirit Gauge and Musou Gauge are two separate meters entirely — one is used to fuel Spirit Charges (so called 'dash' attacks in the review) and Battle Powers, while the Musou Gauge is, naturally, used to fuel Musou attacks. But the rest of the paragraph somehow manages to be even more offensively incorrect. Musou attacks are activated with a single press of the 'A' button, not a series of buttons. Therefore, since this reviewer apparently accidentally activated the attacks several times, it is pitiably obvious that he went through the game smashing his face into the controls and complaining that it's a button masher.

Which, coincidentally, is the next major failing of this review. As is so often true in Warriors reviews, the reviewer complains that the game is a 'button masher' and has 'poor AI,' both of which is hilariously untrue statements. The only way you'll get through this game by button mashing is if you firstly only play the first few levels, and secondly set the game to easy. Later on, you will be mercilessly juggled by multiple officers if you blindly charge in mashing X, Y, A, and B. As for the poor AI, your controllable allies will not stop to fight if you give them a target — I.E. don't just tell them to go somewhere, but actually give them a target to kill. And enemy AI is just as sharp. Sure, enemy grunts are kind of simpletons, but that's only because they're really just there to help you build up meter. The true enemies, the officers, are dangerous and intelligent, and (especially in groups) often capable of juggling a third of your character's health if you don't time your attacks correctly. This particular Warriors entry is actually one of the most difficult due to the need to strategize all across the battlefield, rather than with just one character as in most Warriors games.

Complaints about the story can be chalked up to unwillingness to learn the history a little. Sure, it's fantasized, but the overarching events are by and large true to history. A lot of the anecdotal dialogue is also historical; the nightingale haiku reference the reviewer makes, for example, is a direct reference to the well-known senryu that serves as a metaphor for the three major leaders of the Sengoku period. (Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa Ieyasu specifically.)

I could go on longer, but alas I've other things to do. I think I've gotten my point across anyways, and I hope the next Warriors game Nintendo Life reviews is played by someone who actually understands what they're doing in the game.



postmanX3 commented on WiiWare Super Meat Boy Gets Canned:


Well I stand corrected for the time being, but when I first downloaded the demo, I distinctly remember it being a 227 MB download. I can only assume that it's been compressed more thoroughly.

(And for the record, it is indeed 300 or so MB on the PC.)



postmanX3 commented on WiiWare Super Meat Boy Gets Canned:

@ argus Argh, you people don't understand that it really couldn't fit in the file size limit without sacrificing A LOT of graphical and audio fidelity. It would be ugly by the time it fit under 40 MB, assuming it would even be possible.

World of Goo, for example, is only 70 MB on other platforms, so that little 30 MB squeeze isn't too terrible, but Super Meat Boy weighs in at hundreds of MBs. It's not a matter of effort, it's a matter of impossibility.



postmanX3 commented on WiiWare Super Meat Boy Gets Canned:

Cripes, the amount of general ignorance is repulsive. This isn't ultimately Team Meat's fault, you can blame it entirely on the incredibly restrictive file limit on WiiWare. It's not technically Nintendo's fault either, considering the file limit is probably necessary what with the Wii's disproportionately tiny hard drive space. (Although Nintendo really should have put a half-decent amount of storage in the thing...)

Oh, and the one or two comments about Microsoft buying exclusivity are especially dumb.



postmanX3 commented on Review: Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Star...:

Looks like a decent game to hold me off until Etrian Odyssey 3. By the way, anyone going into any Etrian Odyssey game for the first time... a word of warning: you will die. Many times. It is an inevitability.

I'm still a bit bothered this game doesn't have a Wi-Fi multiplayer, but honestly, the fact that this game has any multiplayer in the first place is rather astounding. I'm hoping this can fulfill my need for multiplayer RPGs on the go, since I don't have a PSP and thus, can't play Monster Hunter away from home.

Heh, reading this comments thread, I find it hilarious that the arty style of Etrian Odyssey entices some people, because I'm the exact opposite. The art is lush, definitely, but I really don't "do" Japanese art styles. Personally, my favorite DS game is still the Dark Spire. Gameplay-wise, it's equivalent to Etrian Odyssey, but the visual style and overall tone just reek of DnD and the like. In fact, I love it so much, I own multiple copies...



postmanX3 commented on E3 2010: Rumour: 3DS May Allow Game Installs:

I hope the 3DS has, in the very least, around 5 GB of internal storage. Seriously I blew through the DSi's 512 MB (or was it 256...) in a couple of DSiWare games.

Anyways, if it does allow installs, it'll likely work in the same way as Xbox 360 installs: installing only allows it to load faster, you still the the cartridge as a form of checking for game ownership.



postmanX3 commented on Kapow! New Batman Trailer is Both Brave and Bold:

The original Animated Series (and I would argue Batman Beyond) are still my favorite TV series ever. This coming from a LOST fanatic, but maybe it's because Batman was pretty much my childhood.

Having seen a few episodes of the "Brave and the Bold" series, it's basically just so much fodder for Cartoon Network. Mindless, but fun. So in other words, it might make a decent game, especially with WayForward at the helm.



postmanX3 commented on The Nintendo Era is Over, Tweets Former Final ...:

The iPad would make a terrible handheld gaming system; how exactly does one go about fitting it in their pocket?!

That being said, I believe the Touch is a worthy handheld console, but, naturally, nothing will ever top Nintendo's handheld dominance. It's like a law of nature.



postmanX3 commented on Review: Metal Torrent (DSiWare):

I love me a good bullet hell, so I'll be picking this up when it hits US shores. Although, I doubt it can ever top my current favorite bullet hell -- that being Espgaluda II.



postmanX3 commented on Nintendo DS Now Best-Selling Handheld:

Not surprising, truth be told. The DS is definitely the most popular of all the handheld game systems; everywhere you go, someone's playing one. I don't remember any of the Gameboys and certainly not the PSP being this big.



postmanX3 commented on Guinness Appoints Zelda the Third-Best Game Se...:

Bah, I don't even LIKE Zelda games (sue me) and I think that it should have beaten Halo. And Call of Duty, but that's because I'm in the 1% of the population that thinks Call of Duty is terrible, derivative, and horribly, horribly written. Horribly. (Actually, I think we can all agree on that last point.)

But yeah, Halo has never been as revolutionary or impressive as most of the ten-year-olds of the world seem to think. The only reason it got any attention is because it was one of the first console FPSes with a decent control system and online play, etc etc. Other than that, it's just another generic deathmatch game.

@4 "Storytelling?" I dearly hope you jest.



postmanX3 commented on DSiWare to get Hacked and Slashed by Zenonia:

This is funny... I was just playing this on my Touch the other day, and thinking, "This game would fit really well on DSiWare."

For those of you without iPhones, you're in for a treat. Despite a bad translation, Zenonia's gameplay is tons and tons of fun. Think... Zelda, but with stats and skills. There's a lot of grinding involved, yes, but leveling up is fast and satisfying.

I wonder if DSiWare will get Zenonia 2... it's even better than the first. But with a translation even worse. :V



postmanX3 commented on Cave Story to Cost 1200 Wii Points:

Well I understand supporting the developer. I guess I see where you're coming from. Call me Scrooge if you will, however, because I have only so much money and better places to spend it than a game I can play for free otherwise.



postmanX3 commented on Cave Story to Cost 1200 Wii Points:

Somehow, 12 dollars for a game that's free on the PC is not too tempting. Updated graphics and boss rush be damned, it's like slapping a new coat of paint on an old car and charging 10 times as much for it.



postmanX3 commented on Review: Flight Control (DSiWare):

FYI - The iPhone version has the same multiplayer feature, as well as multi-touch support. So 500 points is really a rip-off.

This reassures me that my iPod Touch was an excellent investment...! Flight Control is one of my favorite iPod games.



postmanX3 commented on Review: Fieldrunners (DSiWare):

I have it for my iPod, and it's one of the best Tower Defences I've every played. Great balance, so that it never feels unfairly tough, but never too ridiculously easy.

However, what worries me about the DSiWare release is that one of the reasons Fieldrunners succeeded on the App Store was because of its (free and otherwise) content updates. Knowing Nintendo's draconian standards on their downloadable services, I'm not sure something like that would ever be possible for DSiWare...



postmanX3 commented on Project Needlemouse to Focus Solely on Sonic?:

If this is actually a brand new 2D Sonic game, I will be indescribably happy.

After Sonic Adventure (and arguably Sonic Adventure 2), the franchise became insufferable. Sonic Adventure was amazing, and I'm still confused as to why the developers felt the need to change it so much in future iterations.



postmanX3 commented on DSi Gets Motion Detection:

Wait, wait, wait. The motion sensitivity is software-driven?! How is that even possible?!

Wow. That DSiWare game will be a must buy for me, even if the gameplay portion is crap...!



postmanX3 commented on Sega to Abandon Mature Wii Audience?:

And gamers have no one to blame but themselves. We cry and we cry and we cry that the Wii and DS are not 'kiddie' systems, but when a 'hardcore' game releases, no one buys it.

At least I'm not guilty!



postmanX3 commented on Glow Artisan:

Great puzzler. In fact, I'd go so far as to say it's better than most of the Art Art Style games, which is a massive accomplishment!



postmanX3 commented on Army Defender:

Probably the best 200 point purchase currently available. Which, honestly, isn't saying much. But it's still a great little game.