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Hi! I'm Portal_King. Tell our community about myself? 300 Characters?! This is madness! Okay, here we go! Fave TLoZ: WW Fave Mario: SMW Fave Wii U Game: LEGO City: Undercover Fave 3DS Game: Pokemon Y Fave Wii Game: Kirby's Epic Yarn Fave DS Game: Pokemon SoulSilver

Sat 17th August, 2013

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Portal_King commented on Nintendo Releases An Awesome Mario Kart Infogr...:

The infographic is nice and all, but who, other than Nintendo fans, is gonna see this? I haven't seen a single advert on the internet for it, nor a commercial on TV. If Nintendo really want this game to sell, then they should put a lot more effort into advertising it. That is just the hurtful truth from myself in the UK.



Portal_King commented on Warner Bros. Confirms LEGO The Hobbit For Rele...:

Possibly the stupidest idea of a LEGO game to date. Well, not the idea of the game, just the release date. Firstly, LEGO Marvel was only just released, a few months later a new LEGO game is here. There certainly won't be as much hype for the game. And yes, a December release would have much more appropriate, so the final film could be included. Also, I don't think this game would have had much work done on it.



Portal_King commented on Nintendo's UK Store to Release A Wii U Mario M...:

Bought my Premium Wii U last year (November 29th, launch day) for £350 with Nintendo Land. I find it quite disgusting that those of us who did buy it on day one haven't had any kind of complimentary gift for doing so. I know it sounds bit selfish, but I spent months saving for that thing to buy it day one.

They should have done something similar to what was done with the 3DS. I wouldn't mind a choice of some Virtual Console games (preferably SNES games).