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Male, 17, Netherlands

Hi! I'm Poketendo, formally known as mario-gek, and I'm a huge Nintendo fan! Especially Smash Bros, that one is my absolute favorite game, though I also love Pokémon, and Mario, and basically everything Nintendo. Oh yeah, and amiibo

Mon 27th Jun 2011

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Poketendo commented on Feature: Our Top 10 Wii U eShop Games - Third ...:

I don't own a Wii U, but I have Shovel Knight and Ultimate NES Remix on 3DS and AVGN Adventures on PC since it isn't out in Europe yet. I honestly wouldn't know how to rank them, I love all of them. I'd say Shovel Knight and AVGN Adventures tie for first, with Ultimate NES Remix coming in second.



Poketendo commented on Today Was Shigeru Miyamoto's 63rd Birthday:

Happy birthday Miyamoto-san! Without you, I wouldn't be the gamer I am today. Thank you for your contributions to not just Nintendo, but the entire industry. While I don't always agree with all your decisions, your amazing work can't be ignored. You revolutionized gaming many times, and made some of the greatest games and franchises there are. Happy birthday!



Poketendo commented on Amazon Lists Pokémon Red, Yellow And Blue At ...:

As much as I love Pokémon, this reconfirms the point that Pokémon is just a cash cow now. First they pump out a bunch of f2p Pokémon games like Pokémon Shuffle and stuff, and now this. I hope this price is a placeholder.
The regular price point for GB games at €4 would've been perfect. However, I understand that the added Link Cable functionality took a little extra work, and if they raised the price to €5, or even €6, I would've accepted that. I get that Pokémon can make you a lot of money, but €10 is just ridiculous. As excited as I was for this, I think I may not buy it if it's priced that high.



Poketendo commented on Hands On: Getting Pinned Down By Nintendo Badg...:

This overall is the first f2p game to really grab me. It even encouraged me to clean up my overflown Home Menu to make room to display the badges.

I do have some complaints though, mainly in the glitches-department. First off, my badge-names are glitched, which as it turned out is like that because my system is set to Dutch. Really stupid oversight if you ask me, but now, instead of reading 'Mario & Friends', it reads something like 'badge_round_mario_00' or something like that.
The second is that whenever I go back to the Home Menu either when I reboot my system or I quit a game, sometimes one of the badges has randomly dissapeared. Sometimes it moved back to the item box, and other times I have to go to the Arcade and let the bunny put all my badges back.

However, I do really like the concept of this game. The crane can be frustrating, but that's just how these things work, and I'll admit that it does work. I'm probably going to spend more money on this than I want to admit.



Poketendo commented on Feature: Five of Our Favourite Nintendo Direct...:

One of my favourites is easily the fight between Reggie and Iwata, where they announced the Mii Fighters for Smash. I know it was more like a trailer, but it was still awesome. I also loved last E3's muppets, even though I know why Iwata wasn't in it in person.
It won't be the same without Iwata-san, but I'm still excited to see what they've got in store for us. We'll see!



Poketendo commented on Nintendo Console and amiibo Furniture Items Se...:

To be fair, amiibo stock has improved. My local toy store now has all the latest amiibo in stock, and that hasn't happened in a long time. At least online here in the Netherlands, the new amiibo are still common and available for the standard price.
But these items look nice for the Nintendo fans. If I ever get this game, I look forward to using these items.



Poketendo commented on International Age Rating Coalition System, IAR...:

I'm glad that this is coming. I have some great indie gems on my 3DS like VVVVVV, Shovel Knight and Citizens of Earth (yeah, published by Atlus, but whatever), and I'd like to see more indie developers making it to the eShop to release more hidden gems. I do have a few objections though. First off, I hope the 3DS eShop doesn't get as crowded with easy and cheap games like the Wii U eShop has. You know, RCMADIAX stuff (nothing against the developer). I don't think this'll immediately lead to that, due to games still having to pass Nintendo's check, but still. Second, this system looks a little, manipulatable. I may be wrong, but it just looks like it's more easily manipulatable to me.



Poketendo commented on Rumour: A List of Unreleased Titles for the eS...:

Really? They want to rerelease the Adventures of Bayou Billy? I have that game, and it's not great. It's a combo of a bad version of Double Dragon, a bad version of Rad Racer, and a bad version of Hogan's Alley. Trust me, if you want a good NES beat-em-up, get Double Dragon.



Poketendo commented on Nintendo Download: 15th October (Europe):

Really? Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde? Apart from the obvious jokes about the NES game, why would anyone want to make a game linked to a name with such a bad reputation in the gaming world? Free publicity?



Poketendo commented on Reminder: There's Only One More Week Left To V...:

Characters that I would like include Daisy and Professor Layton among others, and recently Shovel Knight was added to that list.
But I voted for my dream character who I know won't make it in, but I can dream: Gardevoir.



Poketendo commented on Nintendo is Now 126 Years Old:

I still can't believe Nintendo and I share our birthdays. I turned 17 today
And I was all too happy to celebrate it with Nintendo, by playing the game I got, Super Mario Galaxy 2.
Happy birthday Nintendo!



Poketendo commented on Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions Headed To The U...:

Come on, you´re so close to the Netherlands right now. All it´ll take is a trip with the ferry, or a day-long bus trip via the undersea train to France. Heck, take the airplane for all I care, but PLEASE ALSO COME TO THE NETHERLANDS SOON!!!!!



Poketendo commented on Reminder: It's Super Mario's 30th Anniversary:

My first systems were DS and Wii, and the New Super Mario Bros games were amazing. I now own all the classic NES Super Mario titles, as well as both 3DS platformers, and an endless amount of side series. It truly is an amazing game series that changed the industry, and I can't imagine my gaming life without him. I still remember how excited I was as a 11-year old during Mario's 25th anniversary, and I'm still just as exicted today. Thank you Mario!



Poketendo commented on Apple Just Announced Its Own Wii, Almost A Dec...:

I KNEW IT! I PREDICTED THIS YESTERDAY! IF THEY EVER MAKE ANYTHING GOOD IT'S ALWAYS COPIED!...not that I believe this would be all too good compared too the current gaming consoles, but who knows. I think only Apple fanboys will get sucked in.



Poketendo commented on Rumours and Speculation Stir Over Potential In...:

The only thing that can be considered proof for this is the GamePad-like described controller, and it won't be the first thing Apple copied. The iPhone 6 has the exact same outer design as a 3-4 year old HTC phone.
I personally don't like Apple. I admit our iPad is handy, but thank god we didn't have to pay for it (comes with my dads job), because, apart from Apple TV apparently, Apple is always very overpriced and limited in its functionality compared to its competition (Android, Windows, etc). I don't think this is true at all. Of course it's possible, but I don't believe it.
If it is true though, I'm going to be so dissapointed. My history with Apple isn't exactly positive, and I don't want to be required to buy Apple products for my Nintendo games.



Poketendo commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Super Mario Platformer...:

My first consoles were DS and Wii, and since then I got a 3DS, and all the NES Mario platformers for VC. Of course my favourites are on Wii. If I get right down to it though, Super Mario Galaxy is easily my favourite. I sadly STILL haven't played SMG2, but I'm planning on getting it soon.



Poketendo commented on Rad Racer:

Funny how everyone forgot about this game. It was even featured in the original Nintendo World Championships! That's the only reason I even know it existed, and that's why I got it on an original cartridge when I saw it. It's not bad, even though I suck at it



Poketendo commented on Club Nintendo Goodbye Coin Now Available in Eu...:

Too bad it's so expensive. I spent 7500 stars on that Game & Watch Ball reproduction, and now I'm left with 900. Guess we'll get a DSiWare or 3DS VC game then.
But I had a great time with Club Nintendo. Even though I'm really sad I'll miss out on this one, at least I still have my Giratina Origin Form bookmark, my Red Pikmin plushie, my Golden Wii Wheel, my DS Lite Value Pack (even though I lost the stylus), my ?-block with (sadly now broken) sound, and of course my Game & Watch Ball unit.
Thank you for all of that Club Nintendo



Poketendo commented on Game Boy Camera:

They should definitely re-release this on the eShop, even if it's just as a free gag.



Poketendo commented on GAME Confirms Shovel Knight amiibo:

Shovel Knight is still on my list of games I have to try. It looks really fun but I only have that much money, and I'm saving for other stuff as well. I just pre-ordered the NFC reader, so I'm a little short now. Even though the amiibo looks awesome, I won't even bother getting it unless I either get Shovel Knight the game first or he turns out to be in Smash (and be great in it)



Poketendo commented on Home Improvement: Power Tool Pursuit!:

I know that Absolute is out of business and I know this game is generally considered to be pretty bad and I know they won't ever rerelease it, but if they do it's a day one buy for me.



Poketendo commented on You Won't Need An Adult's Wallet To Get This A...:

I really like the figure, but I'm not getting him. I don't have the funds to fill my collection with expensive figurines. For now I'm good, I'll save my money for the R.O.B. and Mr. Game & Watch amiibo (and the adapter for 3DS of course)



Poketendo commented on Picross 3D Sequel is Heading to the 3DS in Jap...:

Wow, this game has a bigger fanbase than I thought. I thought it was fun, but I think I stopped about halfway through the puzzles. I should start playing it again though, but first I have Meteos, Rad Racer and Citizens of Earth still fresh on my 'just bought and now ready to be played' list.



Poketendo commented on Project Rub:

When I saw this game, I thought it was weird. When I saw the developer, I thought it was even weirder.



Poketendo commented on English Training:

It's decent if you know absolutely nothing about English. My problem with it is that it only teaches you phrases, you don't get any info on how things like grammar work. I did play a bit of this as a kid, but soon enough I learned enough English from my surroundings that I didn't need this game anymore. Couple that with rather shallow and limited gameplay options and the game isn't very memorable. Decent, but not great.



Poketendo commented on Plants vs. Zombies:

I already had the DSiWare version, and I got this version for the multiplayer alone. I don't regret it.

But to be fair, I am a Plants vs Zombies fanboy (that is until Garden Warfare came out), so I wouldn't buy this just for the multiplayer if I were you. But if you don't own this game in any other form yet, and you see this version laying around, please do pick it up, it's great.



Poketendo commented on Jam Sessions:

My little brother had this game. He never really bothered with it. I don't know whether that was because it was too complicated for him or if it was the game's fault, or maybe both. The commercial is great though



Poketendo commented on Bust-A-Move DS:

Nothing too special from what I remember. You can play games like this on almost any flash-game collection site. Decent, but not very memorable.



Poketendo commented on Meteos:

Funny, I got this game from a secondhand game store, only to find out it's the US version, while I live in the Netherlands. Thank goodness region locking wasn't a thing back then.
I overall like the game. I bought it solely on it's reputation, but I don't think it lives up to the hype it build up for me. Developed by Sakurai, praised online as one of the best puzzle games ever, it sounded like a perfect game. I definitely think it's fun, but it's not amazing or anything. Worth the 14 bucks I paid for it though



Poketendo commented on Neon Battle:

But seriously, this is RCMADIAX stuff. Please don't tell me we'll see even more developers like them on here.



Poketendo commented on Neon Battle:

So they took the game of 'hit the cube with the line' and put it in a circle. Wow, great job guys -_-