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Male, Netherlands

Hi! I'm Poketendo, formally known as mario-gek, and I'm a huge Nintendo fan! Especially Smash Bros, that one is my absolute favorite game, though I also love Pokémon, and Mario, and basically everything Nintendo. Oh yeah, and amiibo

Mon 27th June, 2011

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Poketendo commented on Rad Racer:

Funny how everyone forgot about this game. It was even featured in the original Nintendo World Championships! That's the only reason I even know it existed, and that's why I got it on an original cartridge when I saw it. It's not bad, even though I suck at it



Poketendo commented on Club Nintendo Goodbye Coin Now Available in Eu...:

Too bad it's so expensive. I spent 7500 stars on that Game & Watch Ball reproduction, and now I'm left with 900. Guess we'll get a DSiWare or 3DS VC game then.
But I had a great time with Club Nintendo. Even though I'm really sad I'll miss out on this one, at least I still have my Giratina Origin Form bookmark, my Red Pikmin plushie, my Golden Wii Wheel, my DS Lite Value Pack (even though I lost the stylus), my ?-block with (sadly now broken) sound, and of course my Game & Watch Ball unit.
Thank you for all of that Club Nintendo



Poketendo commented on Game Boy Camera:

They should definitely re-release this on the eShop, even if it's just as a free gag.



Poketendo commented on GAME Confirms Shovel Knight amiibo:

Shovel Knight is still on my list of games I have to try. It looks really fun but I only have that much money, and I'm saving for other stuff as well. I just pre-ordered the NFC reader, so I'm a little short now. Even though the amiibo looks awesome, I won't even bother getting it unless I either get Shovel Knight the game first or he turns out to be in Smash (and be great in it)



Poketendo commented on Home Improvement: Power Tool Pursuit!:

I know that Absolute is out of business and I know this game is generally considered to be pretty bad and I know they won't ever rerelease it, but if they do it's a day one buy for me.



Poketendo commented on You Won't Need An Adult's Wallet To Get This A...:

I really like the figure, but I'm not getting him. I don't have the funds to fill my collection with expensive figurines. For now I'm good, I'll save my money for the R.O.B. and Mr. Game & Watch amiibo (and the adapter for 3DS of course)



Poketendo commented on Picross 3D Sequel is Heading to the 3DS in Jap...:

Wow, this game has a bigger fanbase than I thought. I thought it was fun, but I think I stopped about halfway through the puzzles. I should start playing it again though, but first I have Meteos, Rad Racer and Citizens of Earth still fresh on my 'just bought and now ready to be played' list.



Poketendo commented on Project Rub:

When I saw this game, I thought it was weird. When I saw the developer, I thought it was even weirder.



Poketendo commented on English Training:

It's decent if you know absolutely nothing about English. My problem with it is that it only teaches you phrases, you don't get any info on how things like grammar work. I did play a bit of this as a kid, but soon enough I learned enough English from my surroundings that I didn't need this game anymore. Couple that with rather shallow and limited gameplay options and the game isn't very memorable. Decent, but not great.



Poketendo commented on Plants vs. Zombies:

I already had the DSiWare version, and I got this version for the multiplayer alone. I don't regret it.

But to be fair, I am a Plants vs Zombies fanboy (that is until Garden Warfare came out), so I wouldn't buy this just for the multiplayer if I were you. But if you don't own this game in any other form yet, and you see this version laying around, please do pick it up, it's great.



Poketendo commented on Jam Sessions:

My little brother had this game. He never really bothered with it. I don't know whether that was because it was too complicated for him or if it was the game's fault, or maybe both. The commercial is great though



Poketendo commented on Bust-A-Move DS:

Nothing too special from what I remember. You can play games like this on almost any flash-game collection site. Decent, but not very memorable.



Poketendo commented on Meteos:

Funny, I got this game from a secondhand game store, only to find out it's the US version, while I live in the Netherlands. Thank goodness region locking wasn't a thing back then.
I overall like the game. I bought it solely on it's reputation, but I don't think it lives up to the hype it build up for me. Developed by Sakurai, praised online as one of the best puzzle games ever, it sounded like a perfect game. I definitely think it's fun, but it's not amazing or anything. Worth the 14 bucks I paid for it though



Poketendo commented on Neon Battle:

But seriously, this is RCMADIAX stuff. Please don't tell me we'll see even more developers like them on here.



Poketendo commented on Neon Battle:

So they took the game of 'hit the cube with the line' and put it in a circle. Wow, great job guys -_-



Poketendo commented on Nintendo Explains Reasoning Behind Upcoming Mi...:

I like some of the new options, but I think the reasoning is a little weak. I understand Miiverse is about the games, but I think the goal of restricting long conversations is a little off. If Miiverse is meant as a social network, you're kind of limiting its usability as that. I once had a long conversation with some users about amiibo; which ones we had, nicknames, etc. It was a good talk. I get this is to prevent talk about things other than games, but come on, you're preventing talks like mine too.



Poketendo commented on Review: Don't Crash (Wii U eShop):

There exists a game like this on Atari 2600. I have that one on my Atari Greatest Hits DS game. Even that one is better, because you have 3 lanes and extra points to collect through dots on the track. And wit the 50 games on that card for €25, it was technically cheaper too.



Poketendo commented on The Famicom is 32 Years Old Today:

@CosmicYoshi65 Happy birthday!

I love those coincidental birthdays. A little of topic, but my birthday is on the 23rd of september, the same day Nintendo was founded.

But happy birthday to the Famicom! Even though my first consoles were Wii and DS Lite, I now have an NES, and I'm loving it. Nothing beats playing Duck Hunt with an actual zapper



Poketendo commented on Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passes Away Ag...:

So sudden, I'm shocked.
But even through his illness, he always tried to do whatever he could for Nintendo and for it's fans. I have so much respect for this man. He has always inspired me. He was a really talented game developer, a great CEO, and a lovable social person. Whenever he greeted us at the beginning of a Direct, I always greeted him back.
Rest in peace Mr Iwata. Your contributions to Nintendo's history, and to the whole industry, will never be forgotten. My prayers go out to all his family, friends and co-workers.



Poketendo commented on Mewtwo amiibo Spotted In The Wild:

@Ninstarkof No, there's nothing wrong with putting your age, race or sexual orientation online, but I never said that. I only said that you were the first one talking about age, and then you scalded NintendoFan64 for it. That was what I was trying to make clear.
Second, I know a comment section is for opinions, and as I said, I respect yours. However, just scroll over the comments on here and look at how many come from you and NintendoFan64. I don't think that the comment section of an article about Mewtwo is meant for a discussion about Game & Watch. It's fine you give your opinion, but there's no need for you to get into an argument that takes up over half of the comment section, because that only makes it harder for other readers to find other opinions, exactly what the comment section is meant for, as you said. That is what I wanted to make clear. Can't we just act as adults and stop this discussion?



Poketendo commented on Mewtwo amiibo Spotted In The Wild:

@Ninstarkof You are the only one who even mentioned age. But guys, you too @NintendoFan64 , I have an idea. How about we just stop this useless discussion? We're only cluttering the comment area of a cool announcement with a discussion that won't result in anything. So Ninstarkof doesn't like Mr. Game & Watch, and NintendoFan64 and I do. Ninstarkof, I respect your opinion, and NintendoFan64, I appreciate your support with my opinion, but can't we all just act as grown-ups and enjoy the news of a first look at the Mewtwo amiibo?



Poketendo commented on Video: Get the Full Breakdown of Ryu's Super S...:

I like the Game Theorists, I like all the shows on the channel, including Smash History, and I like all the hosts, EXCEPT for TrailerDrake. I don't know, I have watched some of his videos, but it's just ranting, often with little base or arguments to go with it. I don't mind people who rant (just ask AVGN), but his videos just aren't fun. Good job on Smash History though, those videos I actually do enjoy.



Poketendo commented on Review: Pilotwings Resort (3DS):

The basis of this game is fun, but I think there are a lot of missed opportunities. How about leaderboards, online or even between accounts, that show how high you scored in missions or how fast you completed them, or how about multiplayer flying/dogfighting? That was a function in the original Wii Sports Resort version, and while I don't know whether it was a function in the earlier Pilotwings games, I still think they've easily could've included it, even if it was wireless play only. Still, I do like the game. I got it for 20 euros, and I do think it was worth that



Poketendo commented on Petz My Monkey Family:

OK, maybe I'm overreacting, but from what I recall this game wasn't good. I enjoyed it for 1 maybe 2 hours as a kid, then I stopped playing. I got it for 8 bucks, and I can't get too mad at it for that price, but this game really isn't anything worth noting. If you want a pet simulation game, just stick with Nintendogs.



Poketendo commented on Rayman Raving Rabbids:

I didn't like this game. From what I recall it was rather repetitive. I only played a little of it, then I grew tired of it and passed it on to my nephew. The best part is the multiplayer minigames, which I recall being fun, but they don't make up for the main game. I say skip.



Poketendo commented on Drawn to Life:

Haven't played it in a long time, but from what I recall I really enjoyed it. But then again, I was a kid back then, so it's hard for me to say something. I'd say only if you can get it very cheaply. From what I remember it was fun, but I have a hard time thinking of how it'd be for a grown-up.



Poketendo commented on Max & The Magic Marker:

No. I got this game after playing the demo on Wii. It seemed fun, so why not? But it's boring and repetitive, and if I recall correctly (since it has been a while), very tedious sometimes. Don't get this game. If you really want a platformer where you can draw stuff, get Drawn to Life (which I know is very different, but it's also a lot more fun)



Poketendo commented on The Ultimate Red Ball Challenge:

In case you couldn't guess this game is based on the TV show WipeOut. I don't get it! Why can't they just call it Wipe-Out!? Heck, the game comes with a sticker on the box that says "based on Wipe-Out!"!
But about the game, it's fun. My main problem is that the controls are delayed. You need to react far in advance in order for the controls to work. But if you can adapt to that, the game is fun. Not worth a premium price, but if you can get it cheaply, you can do worse.



Poketendo commented on Game Party:

No...just no...this game is awful. The minigames are boring and control terribly. And the selection is severely limited. Please don't even think about getting this game, it's not worth a penny!



Poketendo commented on Barnyard:

Really fun for kids who are a fan of the show. It's simple to understand and there is a lot to do, from the minigames to exploring the world to finding secrets around it which you can use to do other stuff. I haven't played it in a long time, but from what I remember this isn't for grown-ups. I do recommend it for kids though



Poketendo commented on The Adventures of Bayou Billy:

Meh. Just meh. The game is divided into beat-em-up parts, shooter parts with the Zapper and racing parts. I honestly don't know anything about the racing parts, the beat-em-up parts are not good (just makes you wish you were playing Double Dragon) and the shooter parts are too easy and make you wish you were playing Duck Hunt. Definitely not a must have.



Poketendo commented on Viva Piñata Pocket Paradise:

I really liked this game as a kid. It's simple to understand and rather addictive. If you can get it cheaply, don't hestitate to pick it up. In my opinion, this game is a true hidden gem in the DS library.