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Hey PokeMarioRevolution here! I make YouTube videos all about Nintendo! I LOVE almost anything Nintendo((I'm looking at YOU Yoshi's New Island! >:C ))

Wed 9th July, 2014

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PokeMarioR commented on Review: PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures 2 (...:

I let my 5 year cousin play Super Smash Bros. (For 3DS) over the break. Pac-Man has faded into such omnisty with Kids these days, he didn't recognize Pac-Man at first (It took him a minute to realize who it was though). Also about Smash Bros, I love the retro characters it's introducing to the young generation. Thanks to it, my cousin LOVES Little Mac and wants to play Punch-Out!! (He also is now interested in Banjo Kazooie thanks to me bringing my N64).



PokeMarioR commented on Nintendo 64x64: Banjo-Tooie:

My favorite N64 game, it is the perfect example of what a sequel SHOULD be! It perfectly builds off the last game and it's not a bug to relearn all your abilities from this game. The worlds are MUCH more challenging than the first one and they really test your wit. 10/10 Give it a try if you like Platformers or anything Nintendo