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Hey PokeMarioRevolution here! I make YouTube videos all about Nintendo! I LOVE almost anything Nintendo((I'm looking at YOU Yoshi's New Island! >:C ))

Wed 9th July, 2014

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PokeMarioR commented on Hundreds of Limited Edition Majora's Mask New ...:

@Paperluigi Majora's Mask has always been my favorite Zelda since I was a kid. I missed out on the Skull Kid edition pre-order, I brushed it off, a quick "Darn!" and no harm no foul. This, THIS!!! This is too far! This pisses me off so much! First Amiibo! Then GC Adapters! Skull Kid edition!!! Nintendo needs to STOP this! The best way in my opinion is to end online pre-ordering. That would cause a MINOR inconvenience for real fans at the MOST. If they do that scalpers can't pre-order in bulk. I feel like it's gone TOO far, and if extreme measures like that were to be taken, I'd be A-Okay



PokeMarioR commented on Toys "R" Us amiibo Pre-Orders Cancelled Again:

Let's just hope Best Buy doesn't screw up THEIR exclusive

GameStop shelled out minimal Shulk pre-orders to sell them later at a higher price

Target ran out of Rosaluma pre-orders and won't issue anymore

Toys R Us is not only CANCELLING pre orders for their Exclusive, but for other Amiibo as well!



PokeMarioR commented on Super Smash Bros. Pro Players Tackle the Probl...:

@ChuJelly Definitely, I mained Diddy Kong right around when the 3DS version came out. I went with Pac-Man, then Robin, until I thought "I love Rareware, Diddy seems like a good character, why the hell not?" I used him and my friends don't shame me for using him, they know how long I've been playing him. Still, I agree. I want him to be nerfed simply because the flack that we get.



PokeMarioR commented on Review: PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures 2 (...:

I let my 5 year cousin play Super Smash Bros. (For 3DS) over the break. Pac-Man has faded into such omnisty with Kids these days, he didn't recognize Pac-Man at first (It took him a minute to realize who it was though). Also about Smash Bros, I love the retro characters it's introducing to the young generation. Thanks to it, my cousin LOVES Little Mac and wants to play Punch-Out!! (He also is now interested in Banjo Kazooie thanks to me bringing my N64).



PokeMarioR commented on Nintendo 64x64: Banjo-Tooie:

My favorite N64 game, it is the perfect example of what a sequel SHOULD be! It perfectly builds off the last game and it's not a bug to relearn all your abilities from this game. The worlds are MUCH more challenging than the first one and they really test your wit. 10/10 Give it a try if you like Platformers or anything Nintendo