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Sat 8th Mar 2014

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PokeJustice commented on The Pokémon Company Lays Down The Law On Chea...:

Ok this is getting ridiculous. I feel it is completely and totally justifiable to hack pokemon, but. It not for official competitive matches. I don't mind if some has a fake perfect IV shiny Zekrom, I don't care because I think its beautiful, and stupid for Nintendo to program the game to have certain shinies if they're never released. I really hate that pokemon restricts certain pokemon for only event releases so only a handful of people have it in the world. It's stupid and evil and I hope everyone hacks pokemon so hey can finally play with the pokemon they've always wanted. I've always wanted a Mew, or Deoxys, or now Genesect or Keldeo or Meloetta, and I think its wrong of pokemon to program this creatures just to see that most of the world won't even get a remote chance of it. Did you know the first time they released Mew, only 20 people in the whole world got one? How corrupt and evil is that? Every damn kid wants a Mew and I think its wrong to keep these pokemon hidden away and never seen or played with. I'm best friends with my Shiny Blue Mew I created on my Soul Silver game to follow me around. Sure I give it perfect IVs but who cares, IVs are pointless devices, it doesn't have any unnatural moves and it's stats are legit, so leave us hackers alone. Were not trying to be Team Rocket and just steal pokemon. Jesus it's a game, lighten up.