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Re: Review: Premium Pool Arena (Switch eShop)


Haha, that's amazing. Male prostitution isn't a subject I see brought up very often in video games. I'm not much of a dating sim player myself, not even the supposedly hilarious/scary ones like Hatoful Boyfriend or Doki Doki Literature club, but I do see the appeal of the genre.

I've enjoyed virtual pinball myself a lot, because I don't have access to any real machines, and I mostly mentioned these as examples for why virtual Pool would be just as valid. Not everyone has a pool table at home with the felt in perfect condition.

Though I'd likely agree with this review that if you want to play virtual pool, there are better options, and I'm half suspecting that this game only exists in the first place because Pool is a fairly easy game to simulate. It's a manageable project for a fledgling studio.

Re: New DOOM Update Adds Motion Controls On Nintendo Switch


I played an IR aiming enabled version of the original DOOM, and had so much fun that I was quite disappointed last year when this new game came out without any motion control options.

Hoping to see some outlets talk about how well executed these controls are. Hopefully they don't screw it up for fun, because they don't take the technology seriously anyway, like Bethesda did with Skyrim.

Re: Nintendo On How It Views Indie and AAA Games


"We don’t specially promote indie games just because they are indie games"

Not entirely true, they've done all those Nindies reels and Wii U eShop categories and highlights for indie games.

Mostly because those were all the games they had for Wii U at the time, of course.

Re: Review: Shiftlings - Enhanced Edition (Switch eShop)


I was surprised at the swift lash I got the one time I used a curse word here. I don't usually curse, so I didn't know it was like that.

I vividly imagine your frustration at having to micromanage your vocabulary. I generally enjoy the tone around here, and I don't really see any double standard. It's just a very particular standard that passes as proper on these parts.

Re: Video: Get To Know Nintendo Labo Even Better With These In-Depth Trailers


This entire concept has nothing to do with wanting to "sell cardboard". Nintendo is not a cardboard manufacturer.

It has everything to do with selling fun peripherals that will be cheap to manufacture AND CHEAP TO TRANSPORT. The cardboard sheets take up virtually no space during transport, compared to what molded plastic toys would, and also weighs nothing compared to other materials.

Added bonuses:

The crafting element is fun for children and creative types and goes with the theme of discovering how everything functions, and making add-ons yourself.

Cardboard has a surface friction that is much preferable to plastic in many of the use cases in LABO.

Cardboard is currently seen as a more environmentally friendly meterial than plastic among family consumer groups, and previous Wii owning families will remember how much plastic crap they ended up with during those years.

Re: Review: Millie (Switch eShop)


Making games like this is good fun. And with the advent of digital distribution, I can't really say it's a waste of resources to make them available.

Some parents might be interested in some good excuses for hooking kids below 8 on the Switch instead having them fumble around phones/ipads.

Still, when we look at what was possible to create 25 years ago for the original GameBoy, a game like this is a hard sell to accustomed Nintendo players.

Re: A Hat In Time Developer Confirms The Time Travel Platformer Won't Leap Onto Switch


With no native UE3 support on Switch, I'd be hard pressed to see how an indie like Gears for Breakfast would bring out their game.

These guys don't have the same capacity for porting the engine themselves as do the Rocket League developers.

Maybe down the line, GFB will accept an offer of assistance from someone else (who knows what they will ask for in return though), or Nintendo and EPIC will buddy up for native UE3 support, to cash in on more last gen ports.

But let's not pester them about it. The game's already a huge success and will keep them in business for years. I'm sure after all this time they want to look forward and make new games.

Re: Lost N64 Title 40 Winks Is Resurrected Thanks To Kickstarter



It's not really explained in full on their KS page.
They only write that N64 production was coming along nicely by the time the game got the axe, so maybe they're just releasing the original code?

Fund allocation mentions nothing about buying the original code or the IP, or having any programmers finish anything. And likewise, risks and challenges mention nothing about difficulties in working on long outdated hardware, or any potential licensing issues.

Now, this could either mean that all of it is already taken care of, or that they aren't doing it the legal way. A bit more transparency in this regard would be nice.

Re: Nintendo's Ultimate Ambition Is For Switch "To Be Owned By Every Single Person"


I always did assume that part of the point in making it semi-portable it that people would feel more personally connected to their Switch.

It would be THEIR system, and not just A system.

Children could argue reasonably well that they should both have one. Parents could argue very well that they should have their own, and the kids a separate one.

It's funny that Miyamoto has to explain the risk reduction in building a big install base to investors after 35 years in the home console business though.

Re: Video: 9 Mario Games We Wish had Never Existed


Spent most of an afternoon with another guy beating Lost Levels in the game room at an anime convention once. I think it was the only time I ever beat it.

And Hotel Mario isn't all that terrible compared to some of the other entries on this list.

Re: Legendary Nintendo Developer Takehiro Izushi Has Officially Retired


As was their style at the time, he was likely an industrial engineer straight out of college when they hired him at 22.

A salute to his efforts! The Game & Watch Donkey Kong was an ace game, and got my dad into playing video games back then. The Hard Mode was a real challenge let me tell ya.

Re: Indie Dev tinyBuild Is Announcing Six New Switch Games In Live A Stream Tomorrow


They're an indie publisher, and I don't think they are themselves in charge of porting the games. So any issues in performance hasn't much to do with TinyBuild as such. Of course, they COULD decide not to publish something that doesn't perform well yet.

You know Martin and Jeff? They're mighty cool dudes. Seems nothing is confirmed yet, though, but I'd totally pick up Spoiler Alert a second time for a few dollars.

Re: Put Your Wallet Away, Mario Kart Tour Will Be "Free To Start"


It's been ten long years where online multiplayer in real-time action games on iOS/Android have been -almost- possible, but never ideal, due to unpredictable latency between devices and services.

But relatively functional examples exist now. And maybe Mario Kart is finally able to arrive.