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Tue 17th January, 2012

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player310 commented on Developer States That Wii U Woes Were a Focus ...:

I don't think the devs get the potential of creating new, unique experiences with the Wii U's tablet controller screen... It took a while for new great uses for the DS's second touchscreen to be developed. I think the developers are missing the point of Nintendo's opportunity for creativity.



player310 commented on Analyst Believes Nintendo Shouldn't Compete Wi...:

I've been playing NintendoLand (solo and w/ friends) and the sessions seem so fresh and new to me, especially multiplayer (I've been playing since the NES). If Nintendo and third parties can provide those fresh experiences with the hardware and Gamepad, it's definitely going to succeed.



player310 commented on Meet Kokuga, The 3DS Shooter From The Man Behi...:

@chiptoon Hey it does wonders if you look and notice the way the in-game demos for each level works... it shows you tricks that maybe you never could think of that make the game more manageable. This game will always be highly regarded and will frequent my Gamecube for a long time...



player310 commented on Talking Point: Challenges for the Future of Ni...:

@OlympicCho I personally love Apple products, I have a range of them and have recommended them to friends and family - but - I think that gaming on the iPhone is a joke with no real substance... besides the 99 cent shovelware, playing even a simple game like Megaman on the platform was frustrating and seemingly pointless because of the controls. Long live Nintendo handhelds.



player310 commented on Team Ninja Interested in Another Nintendo Coll...:

I loved Team Ninja's Metroid... The gameplay was unique, fun, and solid... and I don't have a problem giving Samus insecurities like any normal person... she's definitely a bad-ass bounty hunter and she's not a soulless robot or a butch character... Well done Sakamoto-san and Team Ninja.



player310 commented on Mobile Publisher Believes Nintendo Ecosystem M...:

I think that there are just two different (successful) business models - Crap at the 99 cents store and quality designer products - both will make there money in their market and neither will completely die... even though I think mobile gaming is a joke...