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Tue 17th Jan 2012

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player310 commented on Mario Kart 8 Speeds Into Second Place In NPD M...:

@Mahe Hey man experiences do differ... Nintendo created the Gamepad as a new tool for developers to give new, creative gameplay experiences to the players... and NintendoLand was supposed to be just a small sample of the possibilities, and I know when that hit for me and mine it was a positive experience with people waiting for their turn, WANTING to use the Gamepad... too bad developers didn't want to add to the idea or be a part of it.



player310 commented on Weirdness: Conan O'Brien Plays Super Smash Bro...:

I've been watching Conan since I was like 16 when he was on Late Night and he always has this ability to make me crack up, just like he did with this segment... His Grand Theft Auto V review was hilarious too... oh and I'm in my 30's now...



player310 commented on Developer States That Wii U Woes Were a Focus ...:

I don't think the devs get the potential of creating new, unique experiences with the Wii U's tablet controller screen... It took a while for new great uses for the DS's second touchscreen to be developed. I think the developers are missing the point of Nintendo's opportunity for creativity.