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Wed 22nd Sep 2010

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PlayOn commented on Hands On: PlayOn:

Hi. Thanks for the great article. You more or less nailed it. PlayOn is not perfect and we are aware of that, but most of our customers really love what we are doing. While $39 for your first year may seem steep at first glance, it really is not. A very high percentage of our customers cancel their cable subscriptions as they are able to get all of their favorite programming through PlayOn. So for just over $3 month, many customers can get rid of a cable bill that averages well over $60/month.

But I have some more great news! We have a promo on now. From now till September 30th, 2010 you can get PlayOn for only $29.99 for your first year. Just follow this link

Oh, we also support iPad and iPhones. So try out the free trial, but if you want the software, our promo ends on 9/30. So try it out fast.