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Pokémon is her passion.

Female, 25, United States

My name is Julia, and my quest is to become a character designer for Gamefreak. My favorite color is pink.

Wed 26th October, 2011

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Pixel-Perfect commented on Review: New Super Mario Bros. (Wii U eShop / DS):

@ekreig Wario Land: Shake It always comes to mind as an example of how beautiful a 2D platformer can be. Keeping in mind the technical limitations of the DS, I say they should have just stuck with sprites. But from the Wii onward, there's really no reason they couldn't have done something similar.



Pixel-Perfect commented on Wii U Stretch Goal Seemingly Teased for Bloods...:

I'm glad to see the game is doing so well! I wouldn't mind a less technically impressive version as long as all the content and features are there. But I'm not too worried either way. The Steam release pretty much guarantees that I'll be able to play it someday, whenever I can upgrade from my old dinosaur of a computer.



Pixel-Perfect commented on Code Name S.T.E.A.M. Fails to Chart in Week of...:

As a big fan of Fire Emblem and Advance Wars, I feel like the main problem is probably the art/character design and story. That's what's keeping me away. I just can't wrap my head around Abe Lincoln protecting the queen of England from an alien invasion.



Pixel-Perfect commented on ​Atlus Reveals its DLC Plans for Shin Megami...:

I've been playing overclocked and it's been great. I'm really excited to pick this up too... when it goes on sale. I can't justify spending the cash when I've already spent 100 hours playing the original. If you haven't played the original I highly recommend that you pick this up, though!

...They should come out with a way to transfer save data.



Pixel-Perfect commented on Turn It Up To Eleven, Guitar Hero Is Making A ...:

I don't really mind the fmv. It's not like you pay that much attention to what's happening in the background anyways. I never even got sick to death of them since I only ever played GH3. Still, sounds like it's going to be pretty expensive.