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Sat 15th October, 2011

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PinkSpider commented on Famitsu Article Reportedly Inks Out More Splat...:

@Hy8ogen completely agree, its a joke this is missing!, its such a vital component of a team based online shooter "Communication" I guess we will all have to be mind readers now. Glad this has a campaign mode. This might be the most dissapointed I have been in a while :(



PinkSpider commented on Super Mario amiibo Series Can Now Be Preordere...:

Changed my preorder and ordered the 69.99 bundle with mario peach toad and bowser and a bag. What a bargain, then ordered toad and luigi seperatley. Massive saving from buying them individually from GAME and ShopTo. I'm happy now and I still have every single Amiibo preorderd and every current one out on my shelf :)



PinkSpider commented on The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Sou...:

I have 250 stars that I have tried to register for a Wii u game Ben 10 omniverse 2 and have had no luck. So if anyone can get it to work and use them I will post the code here. To Give people a chance I will post the code at 17.20 U.K time. Its only for U.K stars not U.S coins