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Mon 9th Apr 2012

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Pilfer commented on Feature: The Making of Shadowrun:

Hi, sorry, I saw this article referenced from Wikipedia and felt I had to comment. Sorry Paul, nothing personal but I believe you are flavouring your interview with your own bitterness at being fired. I was on the project for the entire project and was lead programmer. The game was not completed in the 5-6 months you say. It was initially slatted at 18 months, they sat on it for 12 and lied to Data East. They started it with 6 months left and it took us about 12 months. You were not there for most of it so I guess you wouldn't know the full development. By far the biggest influence on the design and implementation of the game was Arthur Kokuros and Jeff Kamenek. Yes, Paul you did write the initial sotry but seemed to have very little to do with it other than that. Sorry, but it was a game I am others put over 100 hours a week for a year into and I do resent you trying to take entire credit for something I feel you had little to do with. A couple of page story outline, that by the end there was little left of doesn't let you crow the way you are. As for managment interference, they didn't, they could see we were working to do our best to get the best game we could get done. They left us to it and let us work as we saw best. Sorry you had a run in with them, they should never made you manage the project. You are a good writter but not a producer.
Darren Bremner, Lead Programmer, ShadowRun