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Fri 29th Oct 2010

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Pikamoon commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Coming In November, Features ...:

I was going to bed, now this Eventhough we always hoped for something like this, but this came across pretty unexpected! Though I love the fact that we get new courses and cars and the fact that I will get it on day one, I don't know if I want characters from outside the mushroom kingdom to be honest.



Pikamoon commented on Shadow of the Eternals Expected To Spook Its W...:

The trailer looks promising and I really loved the sound of it. It sounds so much like Eternal Darkness and this is a very good thing. Hopefully, this game becomes a reality and can life up to it's spiritual predecessor.



Pikamoon commented on EA Not Kicking Out Any Details On A FIFA 14 Re...:

@GameLord08 Why should I invest a decent amount of money when it isn't even the game that it is on other platforms? I would have loved to buy FIFA 13 for my Wii U, but the moment I read that it's merely FIFA 12.5, I stopped being interessted in it. When EA doesn't show any sign of respect for me as a gamer, I don't show any kind of respect as a consumer for them.