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Fri 14th Sep 2012

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Pikachews commented on Talking Point: The Terrible Timing of Monster ...:

Funny how no one realises stock is built based on retailer orders/demand...Nintendo try sell in, no one bites, less stock is produced, game sells well at retail, retailers have under-ordered, no stock to replenish, hence shortage.



Pikachews commented on Nintendo Is Sorry For Wii U Load Times, Is Wor...:

eShop prices are full RRP in order to ensure retailers are kept happy. If Nintendo sold games cheaper than RRP, retail would sell less copies or need to match the eShop price, thus losing them money/margin. Nintendo don't want to fall out with retail yet as the majority of sales come from boxed versions. If everything goes digital in future, that would change things. For example, if Mario was cheaper on the eShop than it is in a real shop, why would I buy it from the real shop? Then real shop owner gets annoyed as no-one is buying it from them, so stops stocking Mario...which equals less sales overall for Nintendo as the game isn't on shelves across the country......see?