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Pierson commented on Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and amiib...:

I am actually excited for Happy Home Designer. However I don't like the whole card idea. Really 6 cards for idk $6? Seriously Nintendo? Also for the amiibo party if they show more and looks worth it maybe. Other than that I'll honestly buy the amiibo so I can finally have an animal crossing memorabilia



Pierson commented on Nintendo Is Licensing Hudson Soft IP From Konami:

Really hoping Nintendo does something good with Bomberman, Castlevania and Silent Hill. I know the last two may be a stretch but each franchise is literally art that is just waiting to be shown, molded, crafted, and show to the player. Keeping things locked up does nothing.



Pierson commented on Here's Exactly What's Changing In This Week's ...:

I honestly wish that ranked battle didn't switch modes every other hour. I'm fine with the stages that do that but honestly the modes? It's kinda been what's keeping me from starting it up. I've been very busy and don't have time to just log in to see the current rotation



Pierson commented on Nintendo Download: 30th July (North America):

Finally America gets Kirby return to dreamland. Can't find that game anywhere here, I mean you can if you wanna fork over the extra cash . Like double. Also is just Dance worth it? I'm more used to the actual dance games of dance central to where you MUST actually do the dance like footsteps correct and etc.



Pierson commented on Hands On: Checking Out Splatoon's Freshly Unlo...:

This really adds a lot of depth to this game! I really enjoyed the regular turf wars. And loved this challenging mode as well. However I do feel like they are missing more of this game. Like it feels somewhat unfished. I mean I did pay $60 but I also got the game guide for free with it. But still it needs like 4 / 5 local turf war with split screens, at least 2 up to 4 online battles. I mean this is just the start. But none the less awesome game.



Pierson commented on Feature: Humble Nindie Bundle - The Developer'...:

@ikki5 lol Stay positive though! This is a first for Nintendo. I think they are doing rather great for numbers! Even if it is only for America, it was a big step for NoA / All of Nintendo to even consider this. I think with today's release of the other game/games it should look really bright



Pierson commented on Capcom Is Bringing The Nintendo Exclusive Resi...:

This is really disappointing to me. I love Resident Evil. I bought my very first one on the Wii. I loved the original so much that I bought Zero and 4 next. Along with 5/6/Revelations. It was hard to stomach that the Wii U wasn't going to get the original classic but now Zero too? Come on Capcom! Just release Revelations 2 already for 3ds and bring the two remakes! I really hope RE7 is a thing now coming at E3. But I might have to use my dads Xbox as a way to play it



Pierson commented on Review: Fullblox (3DS eShop):

@Ogbert Ive always wondered the naming choice of NoE. Im Happy that here its called Stretchmo. but FullBlox? I feel sorry for you guys xD. PullBlox, FallBlox, and FullBlox is quite the mouthful when saying things altogether.



Pierson commented on Weirdness: Nintendo of America's Splatoon Mess...:

@ikki5 Have you ever thought to game on a budget? Look you dont need to buy these things brand new. Aren't there second hand shops? I live in a small city in Michigan, I have a Gamestop, Local game store, audio store that sells used games from nes to now. Plus the usual Walmart, Meijer, Target. Which all have clearance bins. Now is the time to start being savvy with your money. Look for deals, ads and anything that'll give you more bang for your buck. Is there the Best Buy gamers club in Canada? If so sign up for it. What about the Rewards program at Gamestop? Do your local stores have any coupons? I mean sure its not your fault that the CAD is low, but if you like video games you just have to be a savvy shopper



Pierson commented on Nintendo DS And Nintendo 64 Games Finally Comi...:

@A01 well it may be the case for Europe. But the US has never gotten a DS game for the virtual console! So I'm so happy to finally see it! now I'm just wishing they would update the Wii service. You guys are lucky to have kirbys dream land Wii. I was praying that made it to US



Pierson commented on Feature: Ten Must-Play Games for the Nintendo 3DS:

@Monte Well I've played all the mainline on consoles. From Ocarina on up. Including the two DS titles and Minish Cap. I mean I just love the openness of a 3D world from third person. Top down is okay but eh. I actually really loved Skyward Sword



Pierson commented on The Legend of Zelda for Wii U No Longer Set fo...:

Eh I was upset about this, but if they are making the game better then go for it! We all know once we play it the delay will be worth it. Now I may be in the majority here for this. But in the meantime they should give us another remake for the Wii u for Zelda I would really really like an HD version of OoT and MM. I know most would hate it since its on the 3ds. I however would enjoy playing them all on the big screen with friends and family



Pierson commented on Feature: Ten Must-Play Games for the Nintendo 3DS:

Maybe its just me.. But I can't stand A Link Between Worlds for anything. I really don't like it for a Zelda game. Maybe its the top down view that gets me.. Something does. I guess I'm glad people like it, but it was one of the biggest disappointments for me for Zelda.



Pierson commented on Guide: Everything We Know So Far About Nintend...:

Now I'm confused. Nintendo announced the QoL programs and all we hear so far is that there is some sleep monitor thing. Now Nintendo announces that it will start with Mobile interaction.. But knowing Nintendo is this just a dedicated app or something that will only show case games as in videos or what?



Pierson commented on Animal Crossing Announcement Community Launche...:

Please please please make this for Wii U! I can only take so much of the 3DS size. Animal Crossing started on the N64/GameCube its meant for home console. I would love to enjoy my town in a big full HD screen, while talk directly at anyone who comes to my town over WiFi. Hell why not let 3ds users come too? Anyways just bring the next game to Wii U please! It'll be amazing.



Pierson commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Had a Strong Start W...:

I think something that should do with the Amiibos to make them more appealing is that once you register them on the Wii U you get a free VC title of that particular characters game or you get a discounted option of buying it. It would be more of an incentive! Sure it might sound different but its an idea
Ex. Upcoming Dr. Mario Amiibo gives you NES or (was it SNES?) VC title on Wii U



Pierson commented on Nintendo Titles Struggle to Make an Impact in ...:

I've always wondered this!! I'm from America, and Here the Wii u is doing okay? Not really the best, but for example, TV ads have been running non stop about Super Smash bros, the last one we got was Pokemon, and Tomodachi life. But what I'm really confused about is how in Europe you guys get all the cool exclusive items, limited editions, and all this bonus stuff, yet it barely remains on the charts! Lol like I get that it may tempt people to buy the game if it comes with something extra, but is it just not working over there for you guys or what? Like I so badly wanted, MK8 LE, HW LE, Bayonetta LE, and the Majoras LE, it seems like that would boost sales?



Pierson commented on Rumour: Villager, Marth & Wii Fit Trainer amii...:

Literally just yesterday and the past week, Meijer had a BUNCH of Wii Fit Trainers in stock, like that's all there was just a bunch of them, I swear that ever since these "rumors" about stocking issues came out. They all disappeared! Lol I checked today and there was one left, I grabbed it. Still weird though that they are going so fast, its not even a month yet!

Everybody better pre order Shulk, you think this is bad? Xenoblade and Gamestop are nuts anyone remember Xenoblade "used" for $80-90. Got mine pre order last week, says its coming Feb. 1st



Pierson commented on Weirdness: Sony Fan Creates Petition In Hope O...:

@617Sqn Eh.. I'm not so sure he has a point. It would be bad to port the game else where. Nintendo would lose money on their systems. For examples for the Sony fan to play, Smash, they'd need to buy a 3ds atm. So Porting yes would make money for the game but lose money hardware side.



Pierson commented on Nintendo Lifts The Lid On Its Plans For E3 2014:

So much complaining. Guys this is Nintendo and E3. They always surprise us, and most of the time exceed our expectations! We have Mario Kart 8, SSB3DS / Wii U. Already coming out this year! Plus many more. Lets all be patience and wait to see more! Hopefully Zelda U, X! , Bayonetta, and etc. Patience will get you far.