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Sun 30th Mar 2008

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Pickles commented on Zelda II: The Adventure of Link:

Filthy, rotten, scabulous, gaping wound of a game, taking the fine name of Zelda and dragging it through a miasmic swamp of twitch and blunder. To be purchased only if you are living in an accelerated time dimension and are a hyper-adrenal squirrel on some form of neutron-star concentrated crystal meth washed down with an ocean of Red Bull while nuclear powered electrodes accelerate your neurons into an electromagnetic storm of multi-dimensional awareness. Twitchy, I say!

The reviews here should be a lesson about the preferences of people who claim games are not hard enough for them - as if the wonderful world of Wind Waker would be enhanced by numerous sudden deaths which caused you to warp back to your original point of origin and then have to fight through the same bloody cave and random enemies just to get back to the spot where you can again suffer an ignominious slaughter at the hands of the same mystery beast which strikes both high/low/front/back simultaneously, leading you to wonder if perhaps you were given the gag edition of the game which sends a stream of your constant fail back to a large screen in Nintendo central where people sit and drink saki while laughing at your ineptitude.



Pickles commented on The Legend of Zelda:

I got this game just to round out my Zelda knowledge, but found it to be amazingly fun and addictive. Don't be put off by all the talk of how frustratingly difficult it is; you will die, but in the old school gamer way of live-and-learn. It's part of what keeps you coming back, trying different strategies etc. No enemy or room is as impossible as they seem originally. I feel comfortable saying this, as I really stink at Link.

The undirected exploration is also very fun, especially when you have enough hearts to go boldly. A few extra hearts and a couple of dungeons are hidden too well, but you always know where to turn if you need help. It might be nice if Nintendo would include some supplemental clues in the uber-terse guide. But really nothing can spoil the fun here.