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Fri 20th Jun 2008

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PHANTOM93 commented on Review: F-Zero GX (GameCube):


I picked this up back in 2008 as my first Gamecube game for my Wii for.... $7.99 I think. It was INSANE! Just when I thought I was getting used to the speed, BOOM I learn how to snake! If you thought the game was fast at the regular speed, you'd probably wet yourself after seeing the chaos that is driving on Phantom Road at 2500+ km/h! I've still got two AX characters to get (Pheonix and Digiboy), but other than that I've played the sh*t out of this game. hmmm... I think I'll go play it now.

[gets out of bed to turn on Wii]



PHANTOM93 commented on 3D Video Chat Possible says Iwata:

First off: BADASS!!!!!

Secondly: if it does happen I don't see it being a very practical method of communication, as it will almost certainly be hampered down by friend codes.

Thirdly: Does anyone hear Apple announcing the IPad 3D in the not too distant future? You know they will if Nintendo goes through with this



PHANTOM93 commented on Glory Be! Pachter Actually Has Something Nice ...:

Now now now, don't be so quick to take this as a compliment. He said: 'it was SO much better than I ever imagined'. But, he never said what he thought about it in the first place (at least in this story, I don't pay much attention to him). If he had originally thought of the 3DS as the crappiest thing imaginable, and now only thinks of it as the 3rd or 4th crappiest thing imaginable - that still fits in line with the logic of his sentence. He doesn't necessarily think the 3DS is good, just less crappy than he thought beforehand.

(Sorry, I just had to point out the guy's rhetoric, I mean, his reputation is at stake! )



PHANTOM93 commented on Don't Expect Lefty Link in Zelda: Skyward Sword:

Utter crap, plain and simple. Nintendo is just too lazy to bother making a second character model for Link. Nintendo's lack of southpaw support has consistenly irritated me. It hasn't been in ANY of their Wii games (excepting Wii Sports), and I think it's not too far of a leap to see that they won't put it in this one either. Excuuuuse me, Princess, for being a lefty, but apparently I - and the other 670 million lefties in the world - aren't important to Nintendo. If you're going to have 1:1 motion sensing, at least have the decency to make it usable for everyone.

Anyways, rant aside (ugh, it took forever to type with the Wiimote), I have to say that I can't see how any of you - the lefties that is - can stand having the Nunchuk in your left hand. (Sorry, but it just feels icky to me)



PHANTOM93 commented on Virtual Console Confirmed for DSiWare:

Nice April Fools joke!! Would have had me if I hadn't gone on to Google - er, I mean Topeka - earlier.

In all seriousness though, you guys should make the old template a viewing option (it loads a lot faster on the DSi than the other template).



PHANTOM93 commented on Big Nintendo News Incoming:

I personally believe that it will be the reveal of the new handheld.

Less likely/bizzare predictions:

ending of friendcodes

importing vc games (that you already own) onto dsi (in a manner similar to how we get demos from the nintendo channel, just that it would be done on the wii shop channel probably)

Wiiware/vc demo channel (because making them their own apps clogged the top 20 chart)

online enabled pictochat

flash support for dsi browser (least likely in my opinion)



PHANTOM93 commented on Review: Legends of Exidia (DSiWare):

I was looking forward to this game, but it doesn't seem like it's very polished. Even with the 20 Mb file limit enemies and environments shouldn't have to be recycled to this degree, and combat as a one button slog is just plain boring. I was hoping that LoE would be a good excuse to use the points card I've had lying around since Christmas.
(could someone help me decide whether I should use it on DSIWare or for the Wii)

@Stuffgamer1: Small RPGS for DSIware that don't have a retro style would be possible if developers took a FF4TAY approach. I wouldn't mind paying for a few 200-500 point chapters provided that the game was well done and the total quest length was at least 25-30 hours (with an additional 10 or so hours of sidequests).



PHANTOM93 commented on Merry Christmas from Nintendo Life:

LOL!! this video is the very definition of awesomeness!!!!

You guys just made my day.... (or you would have if I hadn't gotten L4D2, Modern Warfare 2, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Spirit Tracks, AND Bowsers Inside Story for Christmas..... but I have to admit, this video comes pretty close )

Merry Christmas Guys!



PHANTOM93 commented on DS XL Promo Footage Shows Off Generous Proport...:

Does anyone know if Ninty is going to give the people who go online with the XL within the first few months after its launch the free 1000 points for shop channel like with the regular DSi? If they do, i'll definetly be getting one because my DS Phat is literally falling apart! (seriously, the hinges broke off, so now it's being held together with an industrial strength paper clip and lots of super glue)



PHANTOM93 commented on Wii "Most Reliable Console of This Generation":

My Wii's disc drive was failing to read the disc at least once a day, from the day I bought it until I sent it in last January (bought Aug. 2007). Although that was probably my fault because in my excitement to play it, I put the Wii Sports disc in upside down.

My DS phat had its hinges break off yesterday.....

I have had one 360 RROD on me, but my second one has been going for about two years now and is still fine.

What really suprises me is that my SEGA Genesis still works (considering I got it second hand, for free!) but the audio cable is starting to fail on it.

My X-box original still works, but its disc tray won't come out unless you rapidly press the eject button.

So, the only gaming device that I have that hasn't had at least one problem with it is my Game Boy Color. (That thing is built like a freaking tank!)



PHANTOM93 commented on Wii System Update 4.1 Available:

This was the first time that Nintendo managed to send the letter about the update before I had already gotten it.

@ Homer Simpson : No, this update doesn't make SDHC cards load any faster on the SD card menu.



PHANTOM93 commented on New Lord of the Rings Game is, You Know, For Kids:

Ugh, Why do they have to do this to every franchise!

Admittedly though almost every game in the Zelda franchise is rated E, so I'll try to keep an open mind about this. It could even be interesting if it sheds some light on the various tasks that Aragorn and Gandalf were doing between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings



PHANTOM93 commented on Pokémon Gold and Silver To Be Remade?:

Gold and Silver were the best! After G/S all of the Pokémon games started getting rather repetitive.

How many people here saw the "leaked" boxart for the DS remake that showed up on the internet a few months ago?

@Nintendork : I'd rather have the remake than see this released on the Virtual Handheld, because then I'd have to get a DSi



PHANTOM93 commented on Review: Onslaught (WiiWare):

I'm definitely going to get this game when it comes out in North America.

Oh, and I have one quick question about the game: Is there an option to flip the characters gun so it looks like he's left-handed? It's just frustrating for me to play a Wii FPS because the on-screen gun and my Wii-mote aren't in the same spot, so it screws up my aiming.



PHANTOM93 commented on Nintendo To Launch Wii Video Service Next Year:

I think I know why nintendo is only offering cartoons and not full movies. I did a little experiment with the internet channel a while ago and found that it could only play a 50 minute video before it ran out of memory. Because most movies are more than 50 minutes long they probably just kept to cartoons. Why they don't split larger films into multiple parts is beyond me, but I guess Ninty doesn't want to ruin its "family friendly" status by putting non-family friendly content on the service.



PHANTOM93 commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (5th Nov):

Well, I suppose that the top 20 list is about as good as it can realistically get. There's always going to be a few awful games that sell well, especially since so many Wii owners are casual gamers and usually don't read many reviews (if any) before they buy a game.

@ Corbie

Nice Thanksgiving avatar



PHANTOM93 commented on USA VC Update: Space Harrier:

Meh, this isn't too bad for me. I've got so many games that I've got to beat that this week's release doesn't bother me. Now let's see what did I have to beat again, oh right: Duke Nukem 1, Duke Nukem 2, Duke Nukem 3D (a port with extra episodes, I beat the original DOS version over the summer), Quake 2, MK Wii, Metroid Prime (almost done, on the Omega Pirate), Sonic Mega Collection, EVERY game on the Orange Box, Burnout Paradise, and I think that's about it. Well I'd better get started



PHANTOM93 commented on Treasure To Support WiiWare?:

^ I wasn't entirely serious when I made that statement. (hence the at the end of it) Besides, it would be awesome if Sonic went retro.



PHANTOM93 commented on Treasure To Support WiiWare?:

Now if only SEGA hopped onto the Wiiware band wagon, then we'd be pretty close to a full house of retro awesomeness!
(Dammit SEGA, listen to the people and make the Sonic the Hedgehog 4 that we've always wanted )



PHANTOM93 commented on EU WiiWare Update: Mega Man 9, Strong Bad Ep 2...:

@ Mr. Cheez

He sure did, I didn't have an avatar for the longest time because I couldn't find one that fit just right. But Corbie fixed that problem for me
Also if I were Corbie I would've given you a picture of Swiss Cheese for your avatar



PHANTOM93 commented on EU WiiWare Update: Mega Man 9, Strong Bad Ep 2...:

LOL I was wondering when Corbie would give me an avatar
What exactly is it?

@ Mr.Cheez #39

Funny thing is, I wasn't even trying to be first. I just went to WWW and the article was just, well there.... without any comments



PHANTOM93 commented on Nyko Set To Release Wireless Classic Controller:

@ Nobarai

I like using the CC for Mario Kart Wii too, so I guess you're not alone . But I like to use the Wiimote+Nunchuk control for Brawl, just because I didn't own a CC or GC controller when I bought Brawl.

@ Mr.Cheez #32

I use rechargible batteries for my Wiimotes, I'm still on my first set and it's been over a year since I started using them



PHANTOM93 commented on Mobile Phone RPG Coming To WiiWare:

Ahhh DWM, all of this talk about it has made me so nostalgic. Such a wonderful RPG for the GBC, it still annoyed me though that I had to breed off my whole team to beat the boss of the Gate of Reflection (though I completely pwned him shortly after )
Wow, now I really want to go play it again....

curses himself for misplacing his GBC games



PHANTOM93 commented on Review: Potpourrii (WiiWare):

@ KnucklesSonic8

I'd prefer if we just got MM9 and two virtual console games next week. Plättchen is a tad expensive for something I might regret purchasing and I wouldn't have anyone online to play Bomberman Blast with
(well, nobody online besides you of course =P)


I always thought this game would score a six, oh well five's close enough



PHANTOM93 commented on Nintendo’s Storage Solution: Better Than HDD...:


Instead of adding more channels via a firmware update why don't they just reformat the Wii menu so that every time you run out of channels, another page gets automatically added. It wouldn't be hard to do, seeing as they already did it with the save file screen.



PHANTOM93 commented on Nintendo’s Storage Solution: Better Than HDD...:

@ Tides of Chaos

The backlight used for the Game Boy Light was basically an over sized watch backlight, not a true LED backlight like the one in the GBA SP. Personally I'd rather buy one of the peripheral lights for the Game Boy Color (which I did do by the way) than buy a Game Boy Light.



PHANTOM93 commented on USA VC Releases: Cho Aniki and Final Soldier:

@ timp29 and Mr. Cheez

It works something like this

[url="websiteURL"] "what users see" [/url]

Note: you DO NOT need the + signs, I just added those because otherwise it would insert the hyperlink. Also you DO NOT need to put quotes in (in fact inserting them screws things up).

Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong

Edit: Oh, so plus signs underline things, I was wondering how you did that



PHANTOM93 commented on USA VC Releases: Super Mario RPG and Clu Clu Land:

@ Badknux

Really, and here I am thinking that bug Pokémon suck once you beat the second gym, boy was I ever wrong

@ Mickeymac
You know what's really stupid, the first time I played through Gold Version I actually named my rival "???"



PHANTOM93 commented on USA VC Releases: Super Mario RPG and Clu Clu Land:

@ x.SuperMario.x

I respectfully disagree with your opinion.

The reason that Pokémon doesn't have a "traditional" console counterpart is probably because Nintendo doesn't know how to take the core gameplay into 3-d without changing the overall formula too much.

And the only reason that I can see why Nintendo hasn't made a handheld Smash Bros. yet is because the Game Boy/Advance didn't have enough processing power in them to make a full Smash Bros. game experience. Besides Smash Bros. DS would probably sell a crap load of copies. When hasn't a business liked profit?