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Sat 12th Feb 2011

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Peng commented on 3DS Game Cases Look to be More Environmentally...:

@42 Yes. theft for one I'm sure, and even more important is visibility for adverts. but I like that they will be thinner. it seems that will give the 3ds a little more sophistication about it. the DS boxes were a bit bulky.



Peng commented on Cave Story:

Holy CRAP! all by my lonesome here with my first comment, this game really looks sweet! Another game that will help justify the existence of the DS... Sounds weird to some maybe but I just dont "get" 99% of the stuff people go batty over. I got the DS to play the korg ds 10 and Galaxy Wars. Since then, I've been trying REALLY hard to relate to any other games. the graphics and sound/music and combo shooter/platformer of Cave puts it squarely in my sites.