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Mon 24th Aug 2009

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Pavel_Wii commented on Reggie Wonders Where Metroid: Other M Sales We...:

My biggest problem with Other M was that it stole its major plot twist from Fussion (which was my first and is probably my favorite metroid game). Also, I think they need to stop recycling bosses from previous games. I don't want to fight Ridley in every single metroid games. I realize its fan service, but thats not a very good justification. The Mario Series has done a good job coming up with new and memorable villans, (Fawful etc), and I think the Matroid series should go the same route.



Pavel_Wii commented on Review: No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle (Wii):

I hope someone who reviews this game will notice that the level of character depth in the boss battles (without which NMH1 probably wouldn't have sold at all), has been completely left out of NMH2. The new bosses, though fun to fight, have no personality.

NMH2 is a much better video game then NMH1, but it lost its soul.



Pavel_Wii commented on Review: Mixed Messages (DSiWare):

I purchased this game specifically for a road trip with 6 of my friends after reading the ign review. Upon reading Corbie's review, I had serious doubts about the purchase. However, I can honestly say that we had a blast with this game. Every round was immediately followed by mass mocking of whoever destroyed the message with their mediocre art skills. Now, Corbie has astutely reported that the game is basically a repackaging of Pictochat. Technically, he is correct. However, presentation is everything. The interface was simple, smooth, and (perhaps most importantly) didn't allow people to cheat. This simply would not have worked on pictochat, especially considering that several of my friends had never touched a DS before. So, if you think that spending a meager $5 on this game is a waste, then I expect your the sort of stingy person who writes their own Mad Libs and re-uses moist towelettes.

Also, you hate puppies.