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Thu 10th Mar 2011

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Paul4679 commented on Review: Mario Kart 8 (Wii U):

Great review! Far more balanced and researched than some I've read (Ars' gaming editor was "baffled" by the anti grav spinning, and as seems typical with anything Nintendo he had a faintly detectable negative slant on it)



Paul4679 commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Mega Drive:

Tense matches in PGA Tour Golf II with my Dad; getting bludgeoned with a pipe by my Mum over a roast chicken in Streets of Rage 2 (accidental, she said); split screen racing with my brother in Sonic 3; 2 controller ports ON THE CART for 4 player Micro Machines; Brutal fistfights in NHL; Benny Hill style referee chases in FIFA; Street Fighter 2 Special Champion Edition for a tenner (boxless) out of the local Tandy store - what a bargain. The Megadrive never left me wanting, even when my love affair with Nintendo began with the N64...



Paul4679 commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3...:

Having played the original on N64 over a decade ago, then the 3DS version, Thomas is absolutely right in his review. Zelda: OoT set the benchmark for engrossing, charming, memorable adventure gaming. On the 3DS it has that wonderful "rose tinted glasses" impression, and it plays like a dream. Miss this and rue the day...



Paul4679 commented on Review: Ridge Racer 3D (3DS):

Well, spent a good few hours on this now, and found it just as exciting as NFS Hot Pursuit or Split Second. Great graphics, great sound, great seat-of-the-pants gameplay. TONS of content, and drifting varies from standard easy physics to demanding dynamic physics, depending on chosen vehicle and upgrades.

As for the 3D, what a benchmark to set! Brings this classic arcade game back to life. Graphics look even sharper in 3D, and if you're having a hard time adjusting, then simply adjust the slider. I'd give it 8, and while multiplayer is absent the AI is challenging later on, thankfully not suffering from the dreaded rubber band syndrome that plagues NFS and Split Second.

Only trouble is you can't really bob your head to the (mostly) excellent music without straying from the viewing sweet spot ;-D