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T̷̢̨́h̕҉̢e͘͞ ̢̧́͝͞P̸͞͏̢͡a̵̸͠t̨̡r͞͞i̢͟p͏̴̡̀̕l͏̵̧ȩ̛͘x͟͞i͝t͡͏ý̡͜ ͏͠͏̴̧i̧͝s̴̡̢͘ ̷͝͝͞҉f̨͟į̵̡̧l̡͠l̷̀͞e҉̴͠͞d̶ ̶̴͜w̶͞i̴͜t̴̨̛͏҉h́ ̷̶t̸̴̀͡͞a͘c̴̢͠o̢͏s҉̴̕͜͠.̴̵̷̕͜

Tue 26th March, 2013

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Patriplexity commented on Nintendo DS And Nintendo 64 Games Finally Comi...:

@ZenTurtle The 3DS couldn't emulate DS games in a "Virtual Console" sense. As it is now, (on ANY [New] 3DS family system [including the 2DS]) the 3DS's ARM9 processor has to cycle down to match the speed and specifications of the DS family's (including the DSi family) ARM7 processor.
This is also how the 3DS runs GBA games. You wouldn't have restore points, you couldn't use StreetPass or SpotPass, you couldn't got to the HOME Menu while the game was running (so no Miiverse), etc.



Patriplexity commented on Masahiro Sakurai Praises the Achievements of S...:

@Melkac I don't think Sakurai would want to be president of Nintendo. At all.
While I partially agree that Iwata should retire, I doubt Sakurai would be the replacement. Not to deprecate Sakurai or anything, but he has too much stress. He has gone on record saying he doesn't like being trapped doing the same thing over and over. (i.e. Kirby and SSB.)



Patriplexity commented on Poll: Which is the Best Pokémon Game?:

↑Worst Groups
↓Best Groups
(this is all in my opinion)

Group 1. RBGY: These are my least favorite. They just seem the most boring... Actually, Generation 1 has a lot of problems.

Group 2. GSC: These games aren't too bad, from what I've seen and played. I never played it much. :S
I mean, I've played through the Johto region, just not in GSC.

Group 3. DPPl: I just never got into these as much as I should've. It's hard to explain why.

Group 4. FRLG: Don't get me wrong. I like these, and they were definitely an improvement over Generation I, but they aren't as good as any of the below.

Group 5. BW: These are nothing compared to Black 2 and White 2.

Group 6. XY: The lesser Generation VI entries. After ORAS came out, I realized just how mediocre X and Y are.

Group 7. RSE: I'm a sucker for Generation III.

Group 8. B2W2: Hmm. Why do I like this game? The sprites! The Dream World! The everything online! The GTS! The story! The Pokémon Dream Radar 3DS app! The PWT!!!
This is my #1.0000001 Pokémon game.

Group 9. ORAS: Yes. It's only because the novelty hasn't worn off yet that Alpha Sapphire is my favorite Pokémon game. I admit it. It has the most for me to do right now, and that's it.



Patriplexity commented on Pokémon X & Y Beta Competition Coming to Glob...:

I participated in the 2013 Global Showdown for Black/ White 2, and I got a message saying I qualified for the Pokémon X & Y Beta Competition. But, I'm confused on how to register. I read the regulations and set up my Battle Box accordingly, and I think when February 20th comes around, I'll be ready to go. I'm just not positive. I can't find anything on the Pokémon Global Link that says I need to register there. Anybody know if I'm fine or need to do something else? Thanks in advance.



Patriplexity commented on Reggie Fils-Aime's Home In Animal Crossing: Ne...:

I really can't wait until I save up enough to get New Leaf. I have a fully upgraded house in City Folk which has a basement filled with items from various Nintendo games. Also a phonograph playing Tokata's song and two bug tropies.



Patriplexity commented on Nintendo Blocks 3DS Flashcard With Latest Firm...:

I really think it's funny how Nintendo responds to pirates and flashcards almost instantly, while if they recieve a letter or E-mail from you it's very likely they'll never respond :|
(I don't condone hacking/pirating by the way. And this post is a joke, I understand that Nintendo is incredibly busy.)