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Thu 4th Apr 2013

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Pally356 commented on Six More Retro SEGA 3DS HOME Themes Are on the...:

I already bought the Genesis theme. I love the Phantasy Star II and IV SFX when you're scrolling. Also, the Sega CD v2 theme is a nice touch that I wasn't expecting.

As far as future themes go, I plan on getting the Saturn Theme and the SMS theme. I wonder if the background music on the SMS theme is going to be the Snail Maze game music.



Pally356 commented on Reminder: Amazon-Exclusive Palutena amiibo Ord...:

I honestly wasn't too interested in getting Palutena...but I figured I'd get one anyways and offer it to a friend (at the normal price). I did end up getting it (I was surprised how long she was available for) and one of my friends online claimed it. So, i feel happy that she was able to get one from me.



Pally356 commented on 3D Thunder Blade:

I never really got to play OutRunners in the arcade (the one time i did see it in the arcade, a friend of mine insisted that he play it and not me even though it was my money). The genesis version doesn't do it justice. Hopefully this will be a future release.



Pally356 commented on Review: 3D Super Hang-On (3DS eShop):

You know, im starting to become more and more impressed with the M2 ports that have been coming out. I feel like they put Virtual Console to shame.

I would pick this game up, but unfortunately I do have it on PSN so I dont think I'll double dip.

I know this isn't for the 3DS version, but one nifty thing about the Sega Ports is you can have a universal jukebox throughout all of the games. So I can be playing something like Toe-Jam and Earl and enter the jukebox mode and have music from other Sega games like Super Hang-On or Space Harrier playing. It would be a nice addition that could be added to the 3DS games.