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Sun 22nd Jun 2008

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Paladinrja commented on US VC Release - 16th June - Samurai Shodown:

Its good that they're focusing on WiiWare - cheap, original, highly entertaining & disposable; gaming!
WiiWare is in orbit & theres nowhere it can't go!
I love the fact that I can download whatever I've bought anytime & once support for mass-storage devices becomes available (its inevitable!), I'd wager unique MMO's will be too.
It'll be interesting to see what companies like Bioware & Blizzard North have in store; for what is essentially a service they've geared they're gaming houses towards from the getgo
Zelda online? True FF online? What about a real Mario world? or AD&D. Massive Multiplayer, NEW retro stylin'! Subspace is an excellent example that imo would be better homed on WiiWare.