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Mon 17th Dec 2012

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Painmaster212 commented on DICE Tested Its Frostbite Engine On Wii U, Was...:

@bizcuthammer Not to degrade your post or anything but as the rumors are flying it seems as though both the PS4 and 720 will be in the 400 range which isn't far enough from the 300 to 350 for the Wii U to discourage ppl from buying it over the other 2. Nintendo needs to step up and quit letting their console die! Make peace with a few big name developers and get some 3rd party support.



Painmaster212 commented on First 4 Figures Shows Off Its Mighty Ganondorf...:

@dew12333 $400 for a figure is never worth it though. They could easily sell this for under a $100 make a few more of them and still sell them out but for $400+ ill have to pass on these or any figures. Heck I got the Gears of War statuses alot cheaper and they are more detailed and alot bigger!