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Fri 20th February, 2009

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Pahvi commented on Review: NES Remix 2 (Wii U eShop):

@brewsky Personally, I see the lower difficulty level and the smaller number of challenges as major reasons to rate this lower than the first one. Even if the games remixed are now better.



Pahvi commented on Video: What Could Xenoblade Chronicles Look Li...:

If a game were to be made in HD for Wii U (which is, I assume, one reason these "What if" videos), Sin & Punishment 2 would not be the game. It'd practically require the players to have the Wiimote => even smaller potential userbase.

Still, it's fast-paced enough that the low-poly models and low-res textures might not be that visible. This brings me to my next thought: if I didn't think Sega might get upset, seeing Sonic Colours in HD would be nice. Some might even find it better than Sonic: Lost World...



Pahvi commented on Review: Mach Rider (3DS eShop):

I never liked this even back in the early 90s when I played it. By the standards of mid-80s the score might be a fit, but today I feel 7/10 is too much,



Pahvi commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe (PC) - great chiptune soundtrack, simple game design, short game rounds and plenty of challenge.
Rune Factory Frontier (Wii) - after having the game for several years, I finally got around to playing it and I'm loving it. Still only on the 21th of Spring of the first year, though.



Pahvi commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Spr...:

@King47: Not any more - 50-50 split with Hyrule Warriors now :)

EDIT: (And the HW vote was me.) So - Bayo2, X, Hyrule Warriors, Sonic Boom, NES Remix 2, FAST Racing NEO are the only ones I'm interested in trying out. I hope the FRN will have a good amount of content to it - Nano Assault Neo did not. Bayo2, X and Sonic Boom are all too largely unknown quantities. NES Remix 2 I'm very interested in after being hooked with NES Remix 1. Hyrule Warriors is the only one anywhere near to being a definite purchase, since I'm pretty fond of the Warriors games and it's often pretty clear what to expect from them.



Pahvi commented on Review: Clu Clu Land (3DS eShop / NES):

After rainbow-starring all CCL levels on NES Remix, I wasn't interested in the least to return to it. A lot of my time with those levels went into struggling with the controls before actually getting to the puzzle part (how to accomplish the goal fast enough). So, yeah - I hated the controls. Furthermore, it sounds like the original game mode is far less interesting than the puzzles built on it in NES Remix.



Pahvi commented on Poll: Have Your Say On The GamePad's Role With...:

I realized yesterday when I was sick and stuck to bed that I could've played VC games with the GamePad rather than turning myself to watch the TV — if I had been in shape to play anything. But even then, that's hindered by the GamePad being so large and heavy. So I ended up just surfing the web with my Android tablets instead.

EDIT: I was trying to make the point of having a kind-of mobile console application for the gamepad even in the same room with the TV the Wii U is connected to, and that mobile console games on Wii U VC fall short of where they can be played even in such circumstances compared to them on the original mobile systems.



Pahvi commented on OutRun Confirmed As The Next 3D Classic Racing...:

... despite just buying a PS3, all these 3D classics are making me think of getting a 3DS. Even though I'd play it only on my sofa, straight in front of my home consoles, and the 3D classics are so far the only games I'm interested on the system.

/me goes to listen to Magical Sound Shower on YouTube



Pahvi commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Major Wii U Retail T...:

@PinkSpider: I play, say, NES Remix, Warriors Orochi 3, Tank!Tank!Tank! and NintendoLand rather than SM3DW.

As for the topic: More demos even on high profile releases would be nice indeed - after getting burned hard with one new release based on just reviews and the hype, I'm twice as shy about other new games and very much doubting all the other ones I previously had slated for purchase (Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors).

Resident Evil Revelations (or whatever the game was) I bought only after trying out the demo. W101 I bought regardless of the demo. LEGO Marvel demo put me off enough to delay the purchase for the foreseeable future.

Another thing I'm thinking is how the lack of demos connects to review embargoes or comparable actions on new releases (I'm thinking of Yoshi's New Island based on the review scores - never tried it myself). While I think it's pretty unlikely Nintendo would publish something comparable to Aliens: Colonial Marines, I see little justification for having blind faith for any release being above forgettable (in personal opinion) "just because it's Nintendo".



Pahvi commented on Round Table: Let's Talk About Nintendo in 2013...:

... so what DID change in SM3DW from the impressions/preview post, referred with the "REHASHHH" comment?

I got my WiiU only in August or September, and so I missed the software drought. LEGO City Undercover was the first game I have about ever cleared with 100%, Sonic: Lost World was challenging to the point of being rage-inducing, TW101 I pretty much forgot after noticing that it was nigh unplayable on my then-small TV (and I haven't gotten back to it), and getting Rayman Legends for 20€ would've been the perfect ending for the year... if the eShop hadn't crashed and burned this week.



Pahvi commented on Nintendo Acknowledges Network Issues and Sugge...:

Managed to buy Ducktales Remastered and SMB3 just now (EU). While for me personally this was just a nuisance (I actually could give Eldritch on PC a fair go), I can see the point in being very vocal in complaining about this.

I'm not an expert on web services, but couldn't they have rented extra (virtual) hardware for a week or so from, say, Amazon Web Services?



Pahvi commented on Nintendo Acknowledges Network Issues and Sugge...:

Thankfully the eShop sales last for two weeks, wasn't it? went practically down for a few hours when they said Fallouts 1,2 and Tactics could be added to your account for free. Steam went practically down just today/yesterday for some time as they told Left4Dead 2 was likewise free to add to your account (an offer that is still ongoing for almost 4 hours or so).

But - definitely not a good first impression for new Wii U/3DS owners, especially if this means they can't download the first Wii U system update (if it isn't patched to the latest version already at the factory).



Pahvi commented on Nintendo Download: 26th December and 2nd Janua...:


Rayman Legends might've been an option had I not already gotten it on physical media a while back for only a bit higher cost.

Maybe SMB3, but just as an upgrade from the Wii VC.

D&D is interesting, but it's default sale price right now on Steam is cheaper, let alone if it ends up in a flash or daily sale. But, I'm still curious.



Pahvi commented on PC Engine And MSX Games Coming To Japanese 3DS...:

I'm still hoping for MSX games to come over to Europe - Metal Gear, Nemesis 2 and 3, Salamander, Knightmare, Knightmare 2: Maze of Galious (which, I hear, was an inspiration for La Mulana)... All these were Konami games. Still, considering this didn't happen with the Wii VC, I doubt it'll happen with the Wii U VC either. (I still have my MSX and its games around... somewhere.)



Pahvi commented on Review: Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (Wi...:

I think this is (almost) what I hope Wii U to get from 3rd party publishers: not complete shovelware (ala DDI), but not AAA-title budget, pricing and sales expectations either. Even if this is a multiplatform release after all... having the multiplayer mode be a remake of Pacman Vs on Wii U would've been nice, though. (That was designed by Shigeru Miyamoto, so the feature probably wouldn't have been included on other platforms.)

Still, this is on my radar for next March, if it is budget-priced also in Europe.



Pahvi commented on Feature: Where Is Your Wii Balance Board?:

I used to have it under my sofa to keep my bargain bin robot vacuum cleaner from going there and getting stuck... but when I gave up on using the robot the board somehow got stuck smack down in the middle of my livingroom floor... utterly without any use, but since it isn't bothering anyone, it has been staying there. Oh. I did try Family Ski & Snowboard with it... and learned I should not go downhill skiing.



Pahvi commented on Shin'en Multimedia Announces FAST Racing NEO f...:

The original FAST had enough content to justify the price tag in my view. If FAST Neo has enough multiplayer options and enough content (levels, difficulty levels, online features (even ladders?), ...), I think I'd at least consider buying it. Adding a bit more character to the racers would also be welcome (even just expressive portraits would be a good step forward).

And for those who say they haven't had good futuristic racers on Nintendo consoles since the Gamecube other than FAST on WiiWare - take a look at Speed Racer but don't get it at full price if you think it could be interesting - it's rather thin on content and game modes.



Pahvi commented on Review: Sonic Lost World (Wii U):

Come Monday I'll see if this is my Aliens: Colonial Marines.

And something relevant(?): Polygon said that the 3D parts were better than the 2D. Curious.



Pahvi commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD...:

Sounds like my concerns were not realized. Still gonna pass this, at least until I have at least tried Skyward Sword.

The review didn't say if it was now easier to walk across the bridge over water in the starting village with the new controls, though? (I tend to end up running off the bridge.)



Pahvi commented on Talking Point: Considering the Methods and Mea...:

I want to see verbose reviews that are more essays than the game's feature list written in whole sentences with a sidenote or two in the whole review. I appreciate a final one-word verdict, even if it weren't on ordinal scale. I use it to see if the reviewer found something to complain, and if yes, I'll check the complaints out and decide whether they're game breakers for me. I know I've played a game with Metascore 56 by far more than a game with Metascore of 74 (similar genre) and also enjoyed it a lot more as well.

The calls for reviews of one game by several different people make me think of book discussion clubs. I don't see it working with games that need to have the review written on the day of release, though, unless free review copies are given.



Pahvi commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

LEGO City Undercover. I think I got all the stuff in the open city picked up last night; now it's just the rest of the missions left.

Once that is done, I should try connecting my old Wii to the TV to see what the old Wind Waker looks like on it.



Pahvi commented on Review: Angry Birds Trilogy (Wii U):

@Tasuki: How about if someone had only a basic phone, as in, no touchscreen and such? (Or their smartphone is so underpowered it can't run the game smoothly - such as Samsung Galaxy Mini.)



Pahvi commented on Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell Claims Nintendo "...:

I see the point Mr Bushnell is making. Personally, I see no reason for me to waste money on a handheld console, since I could play also on my iOS and Android devices. Obviously they'd be different games, but that doesn't mean the end effect is worse. Lugging unnecessary gear with me (=a gaming console if I can kill time just as fine with my smartphone) doesn't make sense to me.

Now, as some on this thread have pointed out, there are quite few millions who appear to disagree on this. The thing is, I don't think I'm the only one to think like this either.

@einstein95: About the number of sold consoles per year -list... comparing games console sales from the late-70s to those of this decade? That's like comparing the sales of Apple Newton with iPad, Asus Nexus 7 and Microsoft Surface.

Finally... I have no problems with Mr Bushnell saying "I think" repeatedly. I call that denoting personal opinions and thoughts.

Path to irrelevance... Atari went that way. Nokia too. Sega avoided that just by changing into a software house, I think. Why couldn't it happen with Nintendo as well? Pride goes before the fall.



Pahvi commented on Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell Claims Nintendo "...:

"I'd much rather have made the Atari and crashed it than never had made Atari at all." Even then, he left Atari in 1978 - before ET, Pacman and the videogame crash.

Second, don't pay much as much attention to those who succeeded but those who failed - see where they went wrong and avoid it yourself. "Do as I tell you, not as I did."



Pahvi commented on Assault Android Cactus to Feature Off-TV Play ...:

Count me as one of those who don't agree with it when it comes to "2D-plane shooters". Even on PCs I prefer a pad in "twinstick" shooters, with one exception. Personally, I find it more intuitive to shoot in a direction on a plane rather than at a point in a plane, when the purpose is to clear the path of enemies when I wish to move the player avatar in that direction.

Still, given that the viewpoint isn't a direct top-down view or an isometric one, the Wiimote+Nunchuk scheme would work just as well. Do they by the way include support for Wii Classic Controllers? (I can construe their statement to refer to only Wii U gamepad and the Wii U controller.)



Pahvi commented on Bethesda: The Time For Convincing Publishers A...:

I'd expect typical Bethesda games' production costs to be so high that any single platform (PC, XBox360, PS3, Wii) would no longer make the project profitable. Now, Wii U is different enough as a platform that either Bethesda supporting Wii U would mean half-baked ports or spending money to a properly done port that would have no chance of turning profit. That doesn't bother me.

What bothers me is that EA introduced the MySims franchise for Nintendo platforms, and I think they all sold pretty well (+ I liked them a lot). So I'm a bit bothered by the chance that we're missing something like that.



Pahvi commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

After Action Report: LEGO City Undercover (finished story after 23 hours with about 36% completion), Samurai Warriors Katana (finally got past Oichi, and later the muskets make the game a whole lot easier), Sin & Punishment 1 (please have it come to the Wii U VC with customizable controls, pretty please?)



Pahvi commented on Review: Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper (Wii U):

I looked through the screenshots in this review and the trailer. Are the HP bars in the battles in the final version moved over to the gamepad or why aren't they visible in any of the screenshots? Sorry, but just by looking at the screenshots it's too easy to get the impression that the screenshots don't show the actual gameplay, just in-game engine cutscenes or comparable.



Pahvi commented on Review: Nano Assault Neo (Wii U eShop):

My tagline review on the game: "Thinking small." Now, a longer one. There doesn't appear to be all that much content, the bosses are - with the exception of the third cell cluster (Omicron) - walkovers, and the same applies to most cells as well, the biggest exception being Omicron 1, or that was the way I felt it. I can't see how the game tried to push the envelope either.

I haven't played Stardust HD on my friends' PS3s all that much, but I'd rather have it than NAN. Thankfully, I have Geometry Wars Galaxies for Wii to play.



Pahvi commented on Soapbox: Why Region Locking Is A Total Non-Issue:

@ichigo62 (and others who might know the answer): Does Nintendo make money selling their latest consoles (and console only)? (I don't know - that's why I'm asking.) I hear that usually consoles are sold at a loss - but also that Wii was an exception to this rule. Furthermore, if I had several Wii for different regions, I'd still buy only at most one copy of each game that were available on multiple regions (think Marios, Metroids, Zeldas, MySims and so on). As such, Nintendo wouldn't get as much revenue as game license costs per each additional sold console as they did with the first console for the one consumer in question.

In short, I understand that the revenue due to selling additional consoles per consumer is a pittance of that of the first console. If the console was originally sold at a loss, the console manufacturer might not break even if not enough additional games were bought.

Feel free to substitute Nintendo and Wii with the hardware manufacturer and the console of your choice. And correct me wherever I'm wrong.



Pahvi commented on Soapbox: Why Region Locking Is A Total Non-Issue:

Just adding my thoughts with some examples.
1) (Against region lock) We Cheer 2 was released in the US but not in Europe. The same for Castle of Shikigami 3. How about Shiren the Wanderer? Excitebots? These all are, actually, games I believe I would've bought. There probably are more similar games that I just don't know.
2) (For region lock) Take Taiko no Tatsujin, which had, I understand, many tracks from various anime and so on. Same would apply to Happy Dance Collection. I don't know how the music licensing actually goes, but if it were expected that the game would end up being sold all over the world rather than just in one region, would the licensing prices go up?
3) Competition between regional publishers. US vs EU based publishers and localizers - right now, they might be described as having separate sandboxes. Which ones would survive if they all shared the same sandbox and how would the selection of localized games change? Less localized in German, Italian and French? (I admit to not knowing much if anything on this part of games industry, so I'll just point this out as a relevant question.)
4) I watched a video log on YouTube in which the vlogger said how Japanese shmups on XBox360 (boxed releases) are sometimes region free - but importing them to the US is a very expensive proposition (in the vein of $80). How about giving the game publishers the option of releasing the game without region locking? (I probably still wouldn't import games for that price - 20€ is about the limit I'm willing to pay for any game right now. Obviously, I haven't been buying many console games lately.)
5) Regionally adjusted prices (in part due to different taxation etc). Game pricing - where $1 == 1€ or even more (looking at DKCR prices on, and



Pahvi commented on EA Currently Has No Games In Development For T...:

Kind of a pity - MySims games (especially Agents and Kingdom) were amongst my favourites on Wii. Two of them for Wii U would've quite possibly gotten me to buy the console. Then again, there's already Lego CITY...



Pahvi commented on Pledge to Cloudberry Kingdom, Get It Free on W...:

I've been playing the Steam beta of the game for a while now and I like it as a score-attack game. I'm very surprised by how well the random-generation works.

That said, my thoughts on Kickstarter... there was this one PC/iPad Kickstarter project that was seriously running behind, until one person donated some $10k or so that made the kickstarter succeed. Someone in the comments section there mentioned that if it had been the project lead himself, it wouldn't have been OK (since he apparently was not putting all that he had on the line). That sounds like a reasonable thought.



Pahvi commented on Iwata Hits Out at Smartphone and Social Networ...:

I don't know about social network games, but as for iOS and Android games, I am very much in favour of them. Lesser development expenses mean that small groups of enthusiasts have an easier way of getting involved without as much personal financial risk. Another question is, what is the worth of the extra polish on the game? It's tempting to just say "let the consumers decide which model they prefer."

I'm not interested in how much time and effort was spent in making a game. I'm interested in how much fun I'm having playing it for the price it cost me. As for "social gaming bubble" bursting... what if it's the "console/handheld game pricing" that bursts?



Pahvi commented on Review: TrackMania (Wii):

I bought it not long ago since Trackmania United didn't work on my PC any longer. So far it's been quite OK. I'm a bit disappointed in how the track names are given -- "Stadium A5"? "IslandC3"? I find that just plain lazy and boring.