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Thu 25th October, 2012

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PS4 commented on Looks Like You Can Only Install 300 Games And ...:

@KnightRider666 PSV used to be 100 now 500. lol and yes it was mentioned in the instruction booklets, I knew about this day 1 I got my 3DS, NL once again slow. (they were slow on the Wii remote too!)
@ReigningSemtex its a cap on how many you can have on your home menu at once, excluding system softwarez, and DSiWare
@joey302 wii u works like 3ds and makes more, but no folders yet.



PS4 commented on E3 2014: Launch Sales of Mario Kart 8 Outperfo...:

Sales rigged... know why? Free game offer thats why.

Why get MK8 later? You can get it NAO and have TWO games for the price of ONE

TD;LR PS4 is king, Wii U used IRL Action Replay for sales.



PS4 commented on Interview: Goodbye Galaxy Games on Tappingo 2 ...:

Can I has all 3 color options? Just add an options menu or something ingame.

I plan on picking up both at some point, I suck at remembering to use a sale at my advantage when I have eShop funds. I did pick up Darts Up 3D for $.99 cents though.



PS4 commented on Video: These Mario Kart 8 Players Are Getting ...:

@Action51 lol :p

made my comment based on the first Wii U ad over their being pulled. If they pull that one, why not remove these too? I was lied too! chair cannot move when playing Mario Kart! WTH Nintendo scammed me!!!!1111

Would love to see that happen.



PS4 commented on Video: This Minish Cap Trailer is as Cinematic...:

@Crimzonlogic na 1/10 because Wii U is not portable, and Nintendo is effectily putting Portalbe VC on it which will make consumers even more confused.

GBA was portable, GBA on Wii U = Wii U portable? I better go buy one so i can finally play GBA's on the gos without having to get a GBA and weed through fake carts... lol



PS4 commented on Photos With Mario Official Website Launches Wi...:

@JaxonH wow you spend too much on the eShop lol

@KnightRider666 Correct, and you can use the ? block old AR card to get a warp pipe. (green warp pipe that is)

So far US only has 3 and a better deal than Japan's Prices...

Apparently browsers card is the equivalent of $50 of eShop cash.
The others are $10 through $30 I think... Not 100% positive though...



PS4 commented on Photos With Mario Official Website Launches Wi...:

This seems like a great idea!
But not the target exclusive part, maybe have 6 different stores and 2 cards are avaible in xstore...

Like GS gets Bowser and goomba for $20 and $10 respectively...

Maybe add a few more to the mix, like say a copling or w/e, shrooms, ect...

@Hy8ogen Easy bro! This was known about already if you read the Apps eShop description!



PS4 commented on Nintendo Confirms New 'Sea Green' 2DS Model:

Torchic 3DS or 3DS XL or 2DS please!

Also Still waiting for AXE Head steel color'd 2DS. So I can display it on my wall with an axe handle and pretend its not a gaming system. :p



PS4 commented on The Legend Of Zelda: Minish Cap Will Be Sizing...:

Have it on 3DS, so no need for Wii U. If I did get it for Wii U I'd rate it 1/5 stars coz its on Wii U and NOT 3DS VC.

In NL review score terms 1/10... I mean Mario Golf terms... 0/10 NINTENDOLIFES 2nd ever 0/10 THIS GAME SUCKS!@!!



PS4 commented on Goodbye Galaxy Games Now An Approved Nintendo ...:

missed the sale crap!
I got wifi here but the pw is stupidly long and I'd have to update my 3DS to get sale access. Too much effort for another game that will collect dust in my 3DS's SD card. (virtual dust mind you, Basically only play 2 games on my 3DS these days...)