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Prof_Clayton commented on Review: Hazumi (3DS eShop):

Won a copy in a giveaway, was completely blown away by the quality. For such a small team they really put in a lot of effort, something all developers should pride themselves on. :)
Probably my favorite eShop puzzle game, along with Tappingo 2.



Prof_Clayton commented on Nintendo Download: 11th December (Europe):

Highly reccomend BLOK DROP U and Color Zen if you want some puzzles, especially with BLOK DROP U getting a bunch of free levels added on soon.
Also would say that while I haven't played the actual trilogy, PW 1-3 are all amazing games which deserve to be played by everyone who enjoys a good story.
Rune Factory 4 is worth it if you think you'll like it. Not everyone's cup of tea but I don't usually play that genre of games but was pleasantly surprised by this one, and with the studio having closed this is probably your last chance.



Prof_Clayton commented on Nintendo Download: 4th December (Europe):

Christmas Wonderland 4 Description:
"Christmas Wonderland 4 is a great Hidden Objects game packed full of gorgeous graphics, hidden surprises, fun puzzles and engrossing mini games for ALL the family to enjoy."
I'd certainly hope a hidden object game has hidden surprises. And I don't think its possible to have an engrossing mini game, or its not really a mini game anymore.



Prof_Clayton commented on Review: Snake Den (Wii U eShop):

I didn't think it was quite this bad, but I didn't run into really any of those bugs with my time with the game.
You also forgot to mention the in game leaderboards which add some value to the game as they show the top score & your closetst rival.
And a minute per dollar is pretty harsh.
This game works VERY well in the category of 'Family with small children' game. You can't lose & the parents can help the kid through the level. It's child friendly and there will be an update eventually which will add music.



Prof_Clayton commented on Review: Watch Dogs (Wii U):

I was feeling a 6/10 before I even clicked on the review.
Ubisoft is one of my least favorite developers now... would be my least favorite but unfortunately they do have the Rayman IP in their possession.



Prof_Clayton commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Discusses Production of the P...:

So this interview has actually been edited in translation, Nintendo Life.
All mention of Flipnote Studio 3D has been removed from translation of the original Japanese interview, where it was repeatedly mentioned.
Was this on purpose? Yes. Flipnote Studio 3D deconfirmed for good.



Prof_Clayton commented on Talking Point: The amiibo Range Grows, Yet Key...:

On a general video gaming chatroom, I'm running a poll for everyone who enters- from LPers to XBoxers to Nintendo fans to Playstation owners to those looking for a new system... the range is very wide.
In just a short time, we've gotten 47 responses to the question, "Will you be piking up any amiibo?"
Ignoring the 5 troll answers of "Hi", we have 42 random gamers answers.
20/42 answered 'What's an amiibo?'
9 answered 'No'
5 answered 'I still don't know'
5 answered 'Yes, only a small handful though'
2 were unsure of what they did still, though had heard of them
1 answered 'Maybe 1'

If Nintendo only has that small of a selection of gamers even knowing what an amiibo is, they could be in serious trouble. They do, as this article states, need to get word out and clarify as to what they do, and will do, if they want to have sales.



Prof_Clayton commented on Weirdness: Dan Adelman's Made a Game, Albeit a...:

This needs better editing or orginization or something. All I got was a game couldn't be ported so Dan Adleman made a bad version to prove it could be but it couldn't because there was no art which there actually was but wasn't sent but no sound was sent either and the game for Wii U is for download on PC and its an official game and Nintendo Life enjoyed Woah Dave but its not coming to Wii U?



Prof_Clayton commented on Bandai Namco Announces Ace Combat: Assault Hor...:

@Worthy Finally, somebody who gets it! :D
You also get the figurine along with the DLC as well, making it both a physical and digital purchase at the same time. If you buy amiibos you like, odds are you'll be buying the games they are in as well and likely getting even more for free.



Prof_Clayton commented on Paper Monsters Recut Now Pencilled In For 13th...:

Its a fun game for families who want to play, but as someone who played this platformer, I can easily say this was easier than a Mario game. The level design wasn't aways hot either, but I feel for any younger kids or casual gamers this is a very fun time.



Prof_Clayton commented on Expect To See More Spin-Off Titles Like Hyrule...:

Notice how he worded that.
"In this way, we are preparing to expand on our characters while also increasing the number of software we output and allowing our customers to have their next experiences in certain franchises without waiting three years."
This basically said, based on his wording, that they will take their most popular characters and give them spin off games between releases, inbetween the normal releases, in certain franchises.

Hence, every mildly popular Nintendo franchise is up for grabs on the Wii U for a crossover title. You ask, what's popular? Take a look at Smash Bros- Pokemon (Getting Pokken Fighters), Fire Emblem (FE x SMT), Mario (Another Mario Spinoff), Zelda (Hyrule Warriors), etc.
Where it gets interesting is the unannounced titles. If you look at every smash bros character series' representation, you'll find that Metroid, Kid Icarus Uprising, Punch Out!!, Retro NES in form of DHD & Dr. Mario, Animal Crossing, Wii Fit and a few third party titles have all increased.
I feel that this means, based on a lack of the number of titles Iwata seems to know of but not revealed, that we will see Wii U spinoffs of some of these series, as they are growing in popularity. Metroid, Kid Icarus and Animal Crossing all seem like perfect fits for me, but anything can happen- DHD & Dr. Mario were each recognized in form of NES REMIX.

tl;dr I'm calling an Animal Crossing, Metroid and Kid Icarus (well, I wish the third could happen...) spinoffs on Wii U due to smash reps.



Prof_Clayton commented on Moon Chronicles Developer Seeking Interest for...:

I'm starting to dislike these guys more and more as time goes on. Renegade Kid is a well known name to the internet, at least to anyone who is slightly interested in gaming, and they shouldn't need to borrow funds from their players in hopes of porting a port.
The 3DS version's sales are all they should need- if it sold well enough, they should have the money needed to port it over. If it didn't, whi bring it to a console with such a smaller userbase? It won't sell better.
They clearly need better management, or money management, or better business decisions, or something. Because they should be above Kickstarters by this point. They've released so many games that they should have the funds to launch new ones... if they don't then they aren't being very profitable and need to get off of their high horse.
tl;dr Company trying to get people to fund a nonprofitable game to hide the fact that they're having some issues. Also trying to hde it behind an air of supremacy. (Or at least that's my guess)



Prof_Clayton commented on Moving Player Announces Game Adaptation And Pu...:

Rakoo is giving off some serious Disney/Lion King vibes. It looks like an insta buy for me as that trailer really sold me on the game.
Glad to hear that Moving Player is willing to do this, but I wonder how many games they can handle at once? Hopefully a handful, which is what this sounds like.



Prof_Clayton commented on Satoru Iwata Outlines Nintendo's First QOL Pla...:

If they make more money they can make more games, I suppose (even though they're rich they'll be a little more risky since a failure console/game would have less of an overall impact).
I just hope that whatever they choose to do, it doesn't hurt video games.



Prof_Clayton commented on Nintendo Returns to Profit as Wii U Sales Show...:

The 3DS is dropping fast, and no wonder, it is growing more outdated hardware-wise every minute. They can't get the new 3DS out in the wild fast enough, in my opinion.
Wii U is also thankfully getting that much needed boost, but after Smash releases I almost expect the hardware sales to divebomb. Everyone is "waiting for Smash" and as such by the end of the year the majority of interested consumers will have one. Now if marketing steps up they could help to spread awareness of the Wii U, but I don't count on it due to their inconsistent marketing thus far.
With software though, that's where Wii U will truly shine, in 2015, as every new user will be finished with Smash. :)



Prof_Clayton commented on Review: Shantae And The Pirate's Curse (3DS eS...:

Meeehhhh... I don't know. I've been playing a lot of good games lately, and I can SMTIV for that price... or a selection of just as good indie releases.
I'll probably end up waiting for a sale. The problem with these for me is that it feels too much like a full release, rather than a small eShop game.