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Male, 16, United States

If you want to know more about me, it's obvious, but I love Nintendo. Not only Nintendo, however - I'm also a fan of Sony. My first game was Jak and Daxter for the PS2, and since I have been a big gamer. If you ever want to play SSB or Pokemon, hit me up. (I suck at those two games :P )

Sat 8th September, 2012

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PKNoUsernameHere commented on Poll: Which Characters Do You Want to Win the ...:

It was a close call between Isaac and Rayman, but in the end, Isaac won it for me, at least on this poll.

I'd probably vote for Banjo and Kazooie, Knuckles or Young Link (w/ transformation masks) on the SSB ballot, even though those are unlikely.



PKNoUsernameHere commented on Swedish Newspaper Questions The European Relea...:

Feminists/SJWs can whine on their crappy Tumblr all they want, but if Nintendo made a new LoZ game where Link is a girl that looked very fanservice-y, I wouldn't enjoy it any more than normally - I play for the gameplay, not the fanservice.

@SheldonRandoms If SJWs want to complain over a game containing women with big racks, go ahead, but their Magic Mike 2 and their Fifty Shades of Grey prove their hypocrisy.



PKNoUsernameHere commented on Game Freak’s Director Explains Why TEMBO THE...:

I don't agree with the folks saying this is 'betrayal', however I still think this is a crappy excuse. You couldn't have just edited the damn poster in PS?

Rage aside, I'll still probably pick this up on my PS4, but the excuse is still worse than Capcom's excuses.



PKNoUsernameHere commented on Game Freak and Sega Tease a Collaboration, wit...:

GameFreak and Sega are partnering up? Meh. GameFreak is a great company, but Sega has been spewing out some crappy games in the last few years. (If you need proof, Sonic Boom. I rest my case)

In other words, unless Sega steps it up, it's more than likely gonna be terrible.



PKNoUsernameHere commented on Target Won't Be Restocking Rosalina amiibo, Se...:

Unless things change, I'm done with amiibo. Can't even get my favorites because this whole situation is so dumb. At this point, I'm just happy with the two I've got. Might get a Fox, but after that, no more amiibo for me unless Nintendo does something about this.



PKNoUsernameHere commented on Poll: Which is the Best Pokémon Game?:

I voted Platinum (Gen IV forever) but B2W2 and ORAS are tied for close second. To be fair, I like them all, but Platinum was just amazing. Even if Diamond and Pearl were cool, Platinum made Diamond and Pearl obsolete, in my opinion. I dunno why I love Platinum so much, but I think it's because of nostalgia, even though my first game was Sapphire. I just have the most fond memories with Platinum really. :P



PKNoUsernameHere commented on Video: Check Out this Adorable Tribute to the ...:

Love it. Love it so much. To think that back in 2004 I barely knew who Ness was besides his presence in ten years later and I am a huge fan of EarthBound. Now if only if we can get the entire Mother Trilogy remade on 3DS, that would be a dream come true. :*



PKNoUsernameHere commented on Naughty German Retailer Breaks Super Smash Bro...:




Now that I've got my rant out of the way, I expected this to happen, but I'm disappointed that it did happen. Because knowing my luck, this ALWAYS happens when I don't have money. And even if the release date did break here then my store most likely wouldn't have it... sigh



PKNoUsernameHere commented on Mother 4 Is On The Way, But It's Not Being Mad...:

Are people actually WHINING about this? Like, seriously, it's a ****ING FAN PROJECT. STUFF LIKE THIS HAPPENS ALL. THE. DAMN. TIME. Get over it.

Now that my rant is done, this looks pretty good. This is actually the most I've ever been hyped for a fan project. Smash hype though, keeps making me forget that this project is the most amazing fan project ever. :*



PKNoUsernameHere commented on Developer Profile: Masahiro Sakurai:

Sakurai, you're a bad***. Without you, Kirby and Smash would've likely never existed. Kid Icarus would've probably never saw a revival either. I gotta say, you're second to only Shigesato Itoi (Him for creating the most epic game series ever that is Mother/Earthbound :* ) on my list of favorite Nintendo developers.