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Fri 14th Mar 2014

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PJEDavison commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

Here's the thing: A game character having large breasts does not automatically make it sexist or exploitative. Senran Kagura admittedly pushes the boundaries somewhat with its panty-flashing and whatnot, but this is a common ploy in both games and anime from Japan. There's nothing overtly or outright sexual in Senran Kagura; it's all silly teasing of the "point and giggle" mould, and to be honest after a while you simply stop noticing it.

Were the girls in Senran Kagura nothing more than sex objects or eye candy, I'd question its place on shelves. However, the fact is that Senran Kagura's characters are both well-written and well-defined; they're realised and explored in a high level of depth throughout the game's visual novel sequences, and it's abundantly clear that those who wrote the game have a huge amount of respect for them.

Sadly, there's a lot of people (not pointing fingers here, I might add!) who are only judging the game based on its most notorious elements without actually playing it — a matter not helped by the way it's been marketed and promoted. Talk to anyone who's actually playing and enjoying it, though, and their reaction will not be "lol, boobs" but rather more complex feelings about the characters, their motivations and their own personal experiences with the game.

This piece over on Tiny Cartridge is a great read that explores the matter in more detail:

TL;DR: I love Senran Kagura, and I will defend its right to exist to the death. Consider playing it in depth before judging it.