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Sun 20th January, 2008

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Pj1 commented on Clear Display Cases Show Off amiibo in Style:

I really like them!!

Can I please ask Nintendo Life readers from America, Please?
Are the Super Mario amiibo's available in the USA? My wife and I are going to New York soon and I would love to bring a few back with us, I'm just wondering guys...



Pj1 commented on Analyst Thinks Nintendo Is Already Winding Dow...:

I don't blame Nintendo for developing a new console but shouldn't they figure out what went wrong with Wii-U, people blame (not in entirely) the name but it worked OK for Nintendo when they put the word Super in front of NES. I think Nintendo need more 1st party titles and to be able to make them work, I mean Wii-Sports was a game that showed the world the Wii and had a big user base. I was talking to a friend about the Wii-U saying how I like playing games on the gamepad and he said it's the HD version of the Wii and that only. Like many said people E3 will re-light Nintendo's fire they're not sitting about not doing anything- Well they might be! but I don't think so. Mario Maker will help the big N shift a few more Wii-U's! and 'better late, than never. Zelda will to.



Pj1 commented on Review: Mario Kart DS (Wii U eShop / DS):

I really liked the DS, I wouldn't have bought a DS if it wasn't for the great titles that were released it for it, I havn't played M.K on the Wii-U yet been too busy getting used to the controls on Mario 64. I am looking forward to playing this though on the TV, nice that it got released on that service but it's a shame it might not look too good on TV. I won't download every DS game I own but I will download New Super Mario bros if they sort out TV quality first....



Pj1 commented on Nintendo DS And Nintendo 64 Games Finally Comi...:

Fanstastic releases, I agree with above post @joey302. Nintendo are really slow at releasing VC titles, the Wii-U has been out over two years and we only just get N64 now. Well.... I downloaded SM64 for £1:79, I then bought Mario Kart the DS version and Donkey Kong 64 when I saw this on a N64 for the first time I couldn't believe the graphics, I missed out on the N64 and bought one on an auction site. I never got the chance to DK64 but I will make it my challenge to play and complete this, when? I dunno.



Pj1 commented on Nintendo Direct Confirmed for 1st April, With ...:

I would like some news on Mario Maker, I'm looking forward to seeing that. I'd like to hear Nintendo say more G.C adapter's will be available in the UK and if those Paper Mario rumours are true! fanstatic if so. Remember folks Mario is 30 years old this year so I am hoping for something special from them but I will see the presentation or at least I will try to.



Pj1 commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Mega CD:

I remember this coming out and it was pretty expensive, I had a Mega Drive and I faniced buying a Mega CD but I would have been saving up for it for years :-(
Also at the time (all though I didn't think about it like I do nowadays) I could have saved up maybe £200:00 and bought a SNES with an in-pack game and another great title as I felt and still do the Mega CD wasn't a stand alone console and the Multi-Mega I remember seeing for about lots of money. I wish I had kept my M.D but I traded it in for a SNES, I don't regret getting the SNES but I do regret getting rid of the M.D as it was a great console. I would also like to pick up a Mega CD up one day but they sell for crazy prices, so I wont think I will bother. Also Nntendo Life the one you guys have in the picture looks like it's in great condition, oh how I wish Sega offically re-released the Mega Drive again some day.....



Pj1 commented on Amazon UK and Tesco Now Flogging Wii U Premium...:

I picked up a 2DS today and I am hoping that Tesco's will deliver it to my local store tomorrow! as for the 3DS I actually sent Nintendo Life a message about this last week but last week they were £69.00 but now they have gone down a futher £10 which is great. As for the Wii U I am pretty gutted that I missed out when they were selling the basic packs for £100 and in store the premium packs for £84.00, only to see them (probably) re-appearing on ebay for crazy prices.....As for picking up a second Wii-U I will wait for them to be even cheaper! and could it happen.



Pj1 commented on Poll: Are You An Early Adopter With The New Ni...:

Sadly I didn't I would like the small one with the SNES inspired coloured buttons but I think that might be the only reason to buy one and the collectable face plates but Nintendo, Game and Amazon are charging £15.00!!! No I don't fancy it.



Pj1 commented on Tesco Direct Starts Flogging Wii U 8GB Systems...:

In some ways I'm pleased I didn't see this and cross that I did, it would have been nice to have picked one up but I have the 32GB version but like some one else all ready posted it would have been nice to have one hooked up in another room! Oh well....



Pj1 commented on Feature: 20 Wii Games We'd Love To Download Fr...:

All the decent Wii games that are out I own the pyhsical copies of them. I have two Wii consoles and two Wii-Mini's so I think I'll pass on these coming to Wii-U shop. Unless they release Super Mario All Stars I'll be on that big time, I would like to see N64 and Gamecube titles hitting the Wii-U I skipped the N64 but I do like playing some of the games that were out on the console. I own the physical copies of G.C games but I'd still support that platform over the Wii games. Sorry Nintendo.



Pj1 commented on Does Super Mario Galaxy 2 On Wii U Offer Anyth...:

I'm confused onto why they didn't release the first game first? it makes no sense to me, that's like playing Super Mario World before Mario 3. I have the physical copies so I have no need for this, I even bought the 'select' versions that are sealed!!



Pj1 commented on Wii Disc Software Heading to the Wii U eShop:

Nintendo releasing Wii games on the Wii-U I find pretty confusing actually but at least Nintendo said that they are releasing them and did it as we are still waiting for N64 and Gamecube games to appear on the Wii-U. Why was Mario Galaxy 2 released before 1? Surley you gotta play the first one first? it looks like a good move by Nintendo to do this.



Pj1 commented on European Version Of Super Retro Trio Boasts Im...:

I bought one of these once before, maybe one of the oringnal ones. I thought it was a load of rubbish but at the time I had Mario RPG and that worked well, I was annoyed I had to pay shipping tax. I hope and think they've got a lot better!



Pj1 commented on Poll: Have You Been Able to Buy the Super Smas...:

I wanted to get a few amiibo'sbut I thought once I'd start buying them I wouldn't stop and to collect all 16 would have costed me £160.00. I was undecided on whether to buy the gamecube adapter I waited too long, now I would like to buy one and it's too late. I did buy a G.C limited edition controller that I will keep sealed. I just wish I pre-ordered the adapter when they first became a pre-order. Oh well, maybe Nintendo will produce more when they can.



Pj1 commented on EA Cancelled Wii U SimCity Title Before The Fo...:

Sim City on the snes was fun! however when Nintendo announced Wii-U who did they announce as partners EA. It would be nice to have another a sim city game that was good fun. Oh Well never mind.



Pj1 commented on Inflated Prices and Limited Stock Cause Frustr...:

I ordered a GC controller thinking that they would be sold out, what with Christmas in a few weeks I wasn't sute what to order when it came to the adaptor shall I order it with the game or without. So I wanted to head to my local game on my way to work to buy one but I never made it, it took me an hour to get work as there had been an accident! When I finally got on the game site it said that they adapters were sold out and even on Nintendo's store site it said the same. I don't understand how Ninendo can be sold out of their own product. Crazy!!
No way I will buy on on ebay but I am hoping more will be in stock soon!!



Pj1 commented on Online Retailers Offer Huge Discounts on Super...:

Its a good deal! if you're not bothered about downloading games then this a good option, in fact for the price including Wii-U Brawl. If you took brawl out of the pack the Wii U would be about £140 which is really good. Also it plays Wii games so that's also pretty good. I bought a Wii-U the day it came it, I regret buying one now as there are some really good deals out there!



Pj1 commented on Rare Donkey Kong Delights to Grace the Wii U a...:

It's annoying this one for me, I remember when it was announced that Nintendo were taking these titles off Wii VC. I was going to download them before they were taken off, I have all three on other Wii's but I am pretty sure that I lost a couple when I transfered my Wii VC titles to Wii-U. I hoping that they all 3 would make it onto a rom disc, it is 20 years that they appeared on cartridge form on a Super Nintendo. I also remember when the game was first released, you could send away for the soundtrack on a music CD and I remember the V.T that came free with a magazine! I'm pleased that these games are coming to Wii-U.



Pj1 commented on Turns Out The GameCube Controller Adapter Won'...:

As soon as pre-orders openned I was going to put mine in but I am not bothering now, I have N64 games that I transfered to the Wii-U I prefar the GC controller to anything else but there is no way I can justify this expense now right before Christmas or expect a relative to buy me this because it won't be that cheap in Europe. Never is. Nintendo better pull some thing special from the bag during the build up to Christmas or no Nintendo games will be on my list.



Pj1 commented on Nintendo Confirms GameCube Controller Adapter ...:

I've got a couple of whitle gamecube controllers, the leads on them are quite long. I wonder if it will support the VC games that I transfered to my Wii-u? I think so, I also think Nintendo could do well with extending the lead that the adapter goes into and a nice long lead on the new GC controller or otherwise it's a bit pointless. I will buy one though!



Pj1 commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Release Dates Conf...:

So whatever the price in America put a tenner on the price here in the UK, I am hoping before the release of this game Nintendo announce that the N64 is coming to Wii-U VC and I am hoping that some other Wii-U titles will support the GC controller or it's going to be an expensive pieace of kit! I just wish Nintendo sold other pads when the Wii was alive, imagine playing Super Mario World or F zero on the snes pad plugged into the wii-mote or Zelda from the nes on the nes controller plugged into the wii-mote. Nintendo would have earnt a lot of money with this. Oh well......



Pj1 commented on Official Nintendo Magazine Announces Closure i...:

The news is sad, I stopped buying the phyiscal copy ages ago but I did start buying it on the ipad. I got fed up with all the hype that Mario Kart 8 got, I always felt like it's review this month but it never was. I was playing the game before I read the review, I remember I use to buy Ngamer and I was always torn between the two. I saw in Ngamer once about a site in which you could see what VC games were out and I forgot where it was in the magazine so I googled it and found Nintendo life I look at the site every day. ONM was a good magazine I just hope future publishing can keep the Edge magazine alive. Thats a good magazine, I like games and retro gamer too. I will buy the last ONM in physical form and I like to think that they might give a tribute to the very first issue of the magazine. We see!



Pj1 commented on Video: Hyperkin RetroN 5 Review - King Of The ...:

I bought a retro duo, I got it imported from the U.S & had to pay import tax! (it was annoying) I had bought Super Mario RPG & it ran well, Super Mario Kart looked like it had glitches! Super Mario All Stars wouldn't run because of the lock out chip, (Thanks Nintendo) I think SMAS runs on the Retron 5 a particular site that it is being sold on shows a U.S version inserted. Going back to the Retro Duo I felt it was a bit over priced and it didn't run NES games even though the promoters (or makers) said it did. I don't quite understand the Retron 5 it can handle system updates? but doesn't connect to the internet? is that right? I also think I don't have enough retro games to play on this machine but I like the fact that it is all in one, there's a part of me that wishes that people at Nintendo and Sega look at the sales figures for clone devices that plays their old games, what I mean is they should maybe consider building their own retro consoles. Imagine Nintendo or Sega doing this? they could even license out a chip set so that emulating these consoles become easier? then selling the units at a fair price, I know we have V.C services and that keeps retro gaming alive in some way. What happens in the future when our retro consoles no longer work? we will be buying more of these clone consoles. Overall I am impressed with the Reton5 but I think an asking price of £70.00- £90.00 would make it a steal of a price, if it didn't effect quality of the machines or reliability issues with the games. I also think preserving retro games and systems should be the way forward, if it wasn’t for these we wouldn’t be playing Wii-U or PS4. Games and systems that I consider retro younger audiences do not really understand this and the necessary need to play these games (the Game Boy video springs to mind) all though in the next 20 years that generation will consider their PS3’s Wii’s as retro consoles like we do now and previous generation will be again viewed differently. Going back, to Reton5 I applaud the system and the makers of it too, I think it has been mentioned in retro gaming magazine and site too. So the support and the need of this machine is needed, I also really love the Nintendo Life office or as my wife said someone’s spare room full of all that great Nintendo stuff. I’d go one better if money wasn’t an issue I’d copy the Super Mario lighting on the ceiling (like what Jonathan Ross has/had) :-)



Pj1 commented on Nintendo 64 Titles Heading to the Wii U Virtua...:

I reckon Donkey Kong 64 won't appear on the service as it was made by rare, I was very disappointed that I missed the deadline to download them on the Wii VC snes service, I did have them all but I don't think they transferred that well from Wii to Wii-U. I will probably download M.K 64 but I'll miss for now Mario 64 until Nintendo say that G.C controllers will work for that service, I actually prefer the G.C controller to the N64 one. I don't know why, I find the N64 controller playing Mario 64 tricky compared to the cube controller. Looking forward to Nintendo announcing a date for Gamecube titles to hit Wii-U VC.... but I think they will release those adapter things first. ;-)



Pj1 commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Hints at Star Fox for Wii U S...:

is Star Fox really download only, can't find where it says it! isn't funny that Miyamoto took inspiration from thunderbirds for the snes title. I hired it back in the day for the snes but couldn't get into it, good graphics though at the time and it's a classic. Hopefully it might re-appear on Wii-U VC!!



Pj1 commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3?:

I heard about announcements Sony made at E3 and I was impressed, Nintendo as usual did a great job but there's a part of me that thinks Nintendo are holding stuff back for their own 'directs' I was annoyed with a feeling that the game cube adapter for Wii-U wasn't talked about for Europe and one of the biggest announcements that they could have done would have been game cube games coming to Wii-U VC and DS titles coming to the same console. I think these announcements will come in due course, just got to be patient. I was not surprised by the Zelda announcement though but the Star Fox announcement was a surprise, however I felt really confused with the appearance of Zelda Williams entering the stage with a Majora’s mask and that the title wasn’t announced as a remake for 3DS or in stunning HD. Also Super Mario will be 30 years old next year and I am really looking forward to see what Nintendo have in the pipeline to celebrate that one! Overall a good E3 for the big N.



Pj1 commented on E3 2014: Nintendo Confirms New 'Retro' GameCub...:

Is this really coming to the UK/Europe? I hope it does and at some point Nintendo announce that Gamecube coming to VC, how much memory is on a GC disc? i'm interested in a few G.C titles and that's it, sadly nothing more was announced about DS coming to Wii-U.