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Sun 21st Sep 2008

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PEICanada7 commented on WiiWare Sales Targets: More Details Emerge:

OK this should be a none issue. Its just the press blowing it way out of proportion. If a developer of any size can't manage to sell 6,000 copies, then they deserve not to get paid. If your game is good, and you put some promotion behind it, then it should sell at least 6,000. Hell even terrible shovelware crap sells more then that in a few months.



PEICanada7 commented on USA WiiWare Update: Strong Bad Episode 3 and A...:

Notice how its only the Europeans complaining about this weeks North American WiiWare releases? Which is odd considering you guys can't get any of these games even if you wanted them today. Why would anyone be disappointed with a new Art Style game from Nintendo, or a next entry in the Strong Bad series?

Both consistently produce good games. "Oh no more good quality games are coming out. No thanks please just give us more crap like the Incredible Maze, or SPOGS Racing." I think this week is yet another great week for WiiWare in North America which has actually had a lot of really good weeks lately!



PEICanada7 commented on High Voltage Interview: High Voltage Hot Rod Show:

So they couldn't fit 2 tracks in because of the size limit. A good question to ask them would of been will those extra tracks be future DLC? If they price the game at $8, and charge a $1 for each track that would be good. This game seems like it would be worth $10 total. The lack of online is disappointing, but maybe their next WiiWare game will have online, and at least this one has leaderboards!