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Wed 26th December, 2012

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Peach64 commented on Review: Mario Golf: World Tour (3DS):

@Luke88 We're also paying $9 per DLC pack compared to $6 in the US. I've been pretty frustrated by this all week.

I know stuff never works out as a straight conversion, but this is a ridiculous mark up.



Peach64 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Must Take Careful Step...:

I find it pretty funny how people lambast these other companies for their practices, but defend Nintendo for the same thing. Look, DLC is not a bad thing, not when Nintendo do it, but neither when others do it. Nintendo haven't found some 'charming' new method of free to play gaming either, they're doing exactly the same as everyone else.

The problem is so many on here refuse to look at anything outside of Nintendo, and then go spouting off this nonsense about incomplete games or pay to win DLC, which just isn't the case.

My only issue with how Nintendo is doing things right now is the price, and that mainly seems to be a problem with them putting them right up when it comes to Europe. The New Super Luigi content was disgustingly priced.



Peach64 commented on Yo-kai Watch Returns to the Japanese Chart Sum...:

@rjejr That just games sold on the IOS app store and Google Play store.


Handhelds are doing better than consoles right now, but they've taken a huge hit because of mobile too. There were 80 million PSPs sold, and just over 8 million Vitas have been sold. I know it's got a few years left, but it's not even going to reach a quarter of what it's predecessor did. Not quite as drastic for 3DS, but it's still way down on DS, and it's getting slower every year. They sold 1.5 million 3DS units in Japan this time last year, but this year, it's not quite 750,000 yet.

I don't like it, but people can't call these Japanese companies stupid for favouring mobile when you see the numbers.



Peach64 commented on Yo-kai Watch Returns to the Japanese Chart Sum...:

They've just released figures to show Japan spends more on mobile than any other country, despite a smaller population. It's really no surprise all the big names over there are making mobile games instead these days. Depressing, but it makes sense.

I'm expecting over 100,000 for Wii in the MK launch week. 100k is not some crazy big number. Didn't Wii U hit that over Christmas?



Peach64 commented on Level-5's 3DS RPG Youkai Watch Has Now Sold On...:

It's been amazing watching the sales this year. A lot of games have legs and stick around for ages, but I don't think I've ever seen a games sales go up like that. Regularly getting into the top 3 on the chart this long after release is insane!



Peach64 commented on Nintendo Confirms Mario Golf: World Tour DLC, ...:

@Unca_Lz And for a physical release, that would be totally valid. They'd have to use European printers, European distribution, transport, deal with European retailers etc, so you'd have to pay the European prices rather than translate, but with a digital add on like this? There's no additional costs involved, and no reason for such a staggeringly high inflammation of price. It's not just a little bit out (Standard game price over here is £40, which works out $67, so a small difference), but over a 30% rise in the price.



Peach64 commented on Nintendo Confirms Mario Golf: World Tour DLC, ...:

I have no problem with day one DLC, but it's the dumb European prices that I take issue with. How do the justify charging us so much more than the US? Those packs that cost $6 in the US, work out to over $9 each for us the UK. The season pass works out at $23. It's half the cost of the game itself!



Peach64 commented on Ubisoft Has Dispatched 73 Million Assassin's C...:

Incredible figures, and demonstrates why they're not bothered about 'angering' the Wii U fan base. Nintendo fans contribute a practically meaningless percentage of sales in their core gamer titles, while the millions that buy Just Dance on Wii aren't checking sites like this, so won't be put off by Ubisoft delaying Wii U versions of Watch Dogs for example.

I'm a bit surprised by the Driver series sales figures, as while the first two were big deals, it's been in GTA's shadow for almost 15 years now.



Peach64 commented on Popup Dungeon and Hover: Revolt of Gamers Both...:

Geez, they're not asking for $100,000 for the Wii U port, that covers EVERYTHING up to that point. As was pointed out, the Wii U version is only $20,000 beyond the previous goal, and $20,000 for a port is ridiculously cheap.

I really do not understand the hate KS gets on here. Nobody is forced to give anything. The whole system is set up so people that really, really want to see a game made can help make that happen. How is that bad? I see people saying why don't these devs use their own money, but that's not how it works. Developers don't have huge piles of money, that's why publishers exist. The problem with publishers is they also want to interfere, and KS allows them to be eliminated from the process.



Peach64 commented on Talking Point: The Game Boy is 25 Years Old, a...:

Game Boy is a weird one for me. Often with Nintendo consoles, like the N64 and Gamecube, it seemed there was a lack of games at the time, and then when you look back on them, you see what a solid library it had. The Game Boy is the complete opposite for me now. At the time I loved the thing, had tons of games, played on it loads, but now looking back, there's only a small number of titles that seem worth going back to. It definitely a very important part of gaming history however, that cannot be denied.



Peach64 commented on NPD Results Bring Solid 3DS Numbers as Wii U S...:

@JaxonH Go back at look at the NPDs for 2011. 3DS sold 200k in April, 100k in May, 150k in June, and then 120K in July, and that forced Nintendo into one of the biggest price cuts ever seen.

Nobody is calling Xbone's 300k phenomenal. Like I said above, that's considered to be struggling, but look how many comments here saying how 70k for Wii U is not bad, or that it's higher than they expected. It doesn't matter if you released no games for months, 70k is a terrible number. Go and look at the Xbox 360 and PS3 figures during their lifetimes. They never get close to this low, and they also had many months without a big release. Wii U just had Donkey Kong released at the end of February, so it's not like March is even one of it's worst drought periods. It did 67k last March, but things are way better now? Nothing has changed. In the US it's done pretty much the same as last March, and in Japan it's doing quite a bit worse, selling 5,500 units this week compared to 10,000 for the same week last year.

People on here don't seem to have any context for what are good or bad figures. The NPD numbers are there for everyone to look back on. You can see the monthly sales for every console and handheld. If you don't care about sales, that's cool, but nobody can say these are numbers are even close to good.



Peach64 commented on NPD Results Bring Solid 3DS Numbers as Wii U S...:

Why are people making such a big fuss over 28,000 Wii sales? It's highly unlikely any of those buyers would have bought a Wii U if they couldn't find a Wii, but let's just pretend every single one of them would have, that's still less than 100,000 sales for the month which is REALLY bad. I think Wii U has been selling poorly for so long, people's sense of context for these figures is all screwed up. The same thing happens in the Japanese Chart articles, where people say 10k a week is 'pretty solid'. It's not. Go back and look at console sales for the last 15 years. Nothing sells under 100k a month (unless it's been replaced by a successor), not the PS3, the Gamecube, the Xbox, not even the Dreamcast. Those Wii sales are not the reason the Wii U is struggling, they're completely irrelevant here. At least those are making money for Nintendo.

The Playstation and PS2 got a huge chunk of sales after their successors came out, and they made Sony a lot of money. The people buying 7-8 year old consoles now are not the sort that could even be remotely tempted into going out to buy an 8th gen machine instead.



Peach64 commented on NPD Results Bring Solid 3DS Numbers as Wii U S...:

Oh, and let's all remember this next time the UK chart gets posted and people start going on about how the UK gamers must hate Nintendo. At least new releases usually hit the UK top 10, but it never happens in the NPD chart.



Peach64 commented on NPD Results Bring Solid 3DS Numbers as Wii U S...:

People are still burying their head in the sand about those Wii U figures, refusing to admit just how bad they are. Remember that awful launch of the 3DS that people refer to? It was doing 200k a month. Right now Wii U needs a 300% increase in sales to reach those 'awful' figures. Mario Kart will bring a boost, but how much of a boost are people expecting?

Hopefully 3DS numbers will go back in in the next few months with Mario Golf and Smash, but the 3rd party support the DS had is just not there. Most games Nintendo puts out for it are great, but I think it shows that first party alone is not enough, the releases are too thin on the ground to sustain healthy numbers. I hope Nintendo sort this out at E3 with a few announcements of games that will come in the remainder of 2014. I expect we'll see Majora's Mask 3D announced for holiday, but he Localisation of Dragon Quest VII would really help bulk up the library, while for Europe they could also throw in Shin Megami Tensei IV.



Peach64 commented on Rumour: Mario Kart 8 Wii U Hardware Bundle On ...:

I'm sure it's gonna happen, but am I the only one that doesn't get the excitement over a bundle? You can already get the console, the game is on the way, what difference does it matter if the game is inside the console box or outside? People will buy Wii U hardware for this game regardless of if there's a bundle or not.



Peach64 commented on Vita Overtakes 3DS in Tough Week for Japanese ...:

Nice to see Vita doing well over there. It's the only hardware that's selling higher in 2014 than 2013. Hopefully Mario Kart starts to turn around Wii U. I think it's a given that it will get a huge bump in the first few weeks, but the real question is will it last?



Peach64 commented on Ubisoft and EA Lock In Their E3 Presentation D...:

It's probably too soon to see Visceral's Star Wars game and Beyond Good and Evil 2, but I'm looking forward to both these. Ubisoft have gone hard with new IP in 2012 and 2013, so really excited to see if they have another Watch Dogs/The Division type reveal.



Peach64 commented on Nintendo Titles Struggle for a Presence in UK ...:

@element187 The only Wii U title to be seen in the US top 10 was Pikmin 3 in the 10th slot back in August 2013. Meanwhile in the UK, Monster Hunter 3U was 7th, Pikmin 3 was 2nd, Wind Waker HD was 4th in their debut weeks. Maybe you should wait to see some Nintendo titles in the US top 10 before going on about how much people there buy Nintendo stuff?



Peach64 commented on Nintendo Download: 17th April (Europe):

Castlevania III! And woohoo for Mario Golf on 3DS VC. I recently played the game on cart (paid a lot less than that download price too), but will happily pay to have it on my system.



Peach64 commented on Rumour: Mario Golf: World Tour To Offer Additi...:

Ah ha, the usual Nintendo fan boy hypocrisy rears it's head again. They hate when anyone else does paid DLC, but with Nintendo it's fine.

I'm looking forward to the game, but I'll look out for reviews to see if they feel like content was held back purposefully to be sold as DLC. Most people looking objectively can see Nintendo like to nickel and dime customers just as much, if not more than the others (higher prices for downloads of old games, and making you buy them again for each device), so it's a bit of a concern, but only a small one.



Peach64 commented on Yo-kai Watch 2 Coming to 3DS in Japan with Two...:

So just short of a year between releases. I doubt they're like the big western titles that have 2 or 3 dev teams either. Bit of a shame they're milking it like that!! It's going to be a huge seller regardless.



Peach64 commented on Mario Party: Island Tour Stays on Top in Japan...:

People said such a small difference wouldn't matter, but if you were planning to buy a console in the next 2-3 weeks and knew it was gonna get more expensive, you'd want to make the saving.

I continue to be impressed by Yokai Watch's performance. Many games have long legs, but even games that stick in the chart for months see a downward trend. This one is different. It's never had one of those insane weeks like Animal Crossing, Pokemon or Monster Hunter, but none of those were this high in the chart so long after release.



Peach64 commented on Review: Nintendo Pocket Football Club (3DS eShop):

I'm really torn here. Part of me wants this, and I know Damo said it was better than Pocket League Story, but every screen looks like it could be from that game. There doesn't seem to be anything that says 'Hey, look at this, this is why you're paying more than ten times the price of that other game!'.

I think I'm gonna play very close attention to customer's reactions between now and the end of the month!



Peach64 commented on Inazuma Eleven GO Shadow & Light Kick Off in E...:

I love this series, and I say this every time there's an article about them, but I'm stunned Nintendo UK don't market them at all. They should be huge sellers here. A game from the creators of Professor Layton that's based around football? With the World Cup about to start, they should be giving this a huge push.



Peach64 commented on Video: Atlus Serves Up an Early Look at Person...:

So far everything I've seen of this game screams Etrian Odyssey. It's not a Persona game at all, but an EO game with a Persona wrapper. Bit disappointing for me as I love Persona but don't enjoy the EO games, but I'm sure they're going to sell a few from people assuming it's a proper Persona game.



Peach64 commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Saturn:

I can look back fondly on the Saturn and it's library now, but at the time, it was really disheartening for me. That was the last generation I stuck to a single console. It had some gems, and while we got the first iteration in series such as Tomb Raider, Resident Evil and Wipeout, we then had to watch as the sequels never returned. I remember being so jealous of friends who were picking up titles like Final Fantasy VII, Gran Turismo and Metal Gear Solid.



Peach64 commented on Features: The Biggest 3DS Games of 2014 - Spri...:

Mario Golf for me. By far! Hopefully we see some big announcements at E3.

I'm not entirely convinced we'll see Smash Bros for 3DS this year. I think Nintendo will want to try and boost Wii U hardware numbers by releasing that one first. If they release them both at the same time, a lot of people might just pick the game up for their 3DS. If they release the Wii U version and just say 'coming soon' for the 3DS one, they can force a lot of people to go out and buy a Wii U.