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Wed 23rd January, 2013

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PAppleyard commented on Game Jam Tasks Developers With Creating A Zeld...:

The pic of those two people look great as Link. I liked the look of Link in "A Link to the past" game. But I've been less keen on his look as time goes by. With the exception of Wind Waker.

I think its a good idea to have him played as a female.



PAppleyard commented on Poll: Which is the Best Mario Kart Game?:

The newest MK game was always likely to get the most votes. MK8 has got a lot better since the DLC. It was an example of DLC Done properly.

My favorites it's either double dash or Wii. I voted for double dash for the duel riding mode.



PAppleyard commented on Wii U System Update 5.3.2 Promises Stability, ...:

No idea why but my Wii U menu now loads a LOT faster since this patch :S. Maybe it fixed an issue that slowed down the Wii U menu?

It might be related to some early patch I needed because my Gamepad had to be sent off to Nintendo because of dead pixels.



PAppleyard commented on Video: Teenagers Try Their Hand at the Origina...:

Kids play something new and take some time to adjust... what a big supprise!

It does't mean their idiots or slow it just means its new and takes some getting used to. I wish people would stop acting all high and mighty over these video.



PAppleyard commented on Video: This is a Video Game:

I still have and play my Atari 2600. That's more the generation that brings back good memories for me. That and the Master System and NES.



PAppleyard commented on Video: This is a Video Game:

Good video, I gave it a like. She choose some class games as well. As much as I don't much like Playstation consoles I have to admit she chose some classics for it.



PAppleyard commented on Stats Suggest That UK Kids Are More Likely To ...:

I have had a smart phone for 4 years now. So far I have 2 games for it that I like (both driving games).

I'm going to but a 3DS XL soon and am going to buy 6 games with it.

Dedicated handheld consoles are a lot more fun IMO however tablet/phone apps are more something to do if you have a couple of mins to waste.



PAppleyard commented on Feature: How Rik Mayall Helped Bring Anarchy T...:

Sad day, I loved watching Bottom. This is the only time I will say that and not be talking about girls as well.

p.s is that a a photograph of him doing a subtle illuminati sign (V for 5th age and holding it on the eye to sign the 'all seeing eye')?



PAppleyard commented on Over 140 Pieces Of Fan-Made Nintendo Art Up Fo...:

I have an autistic spectrum disorder. I'm also a gamer. Makes it hard to hold some computer mice or use some keyboards. This is one reason I like Nintendo so much. Their controllers are always good for me to hold.

Some people may have an autistic spectrum disorder but seem to look and act perfectly 'normally'. Just one reason why we shouldn't judge others to quickly.