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Re: Review: Pokémon Red and Blue (Game Boy)


@andsta - Because, smart one, they're rating based on how good it was BACK THEN. Of course they won't have all the new features of Heart Gold and Soul Silver, it's a Game Boy game! These games came out in 1998, so NintendoLife rates them as if its still 1998.

...and of course, back then, these games were pure Epic.

...this should've gotten a 10/10!

Re: Competitions: Win a DSi and Nostalgia!


Ok. First of all, im confused. Is it “the winner” or “the winnerS”? Im pretty confused about that. o.o And besides people, this is basically a raffle. What makes you think anyone here can win? This is just another impossible contest. Hey I'm just trying to be logical.


...I entered too. All I wanna know is how many winners will there be.

PS: Hi twr! (thewiirocks) Its me, PATUX3T from Shout Box.

Re: Rejoice! The DSi Gets a Virtual Console After All


My first post on this website: Ok. Its Oct 16. Where is the virtual console? Remember Nintendo specifically told Kombo that the sd card capibility was a total hoax & that this was only confirmed for japan, not usa. And its still not in japan! I got a bad feeling about this. <