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Wed 11th Jun 2008

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P4RANO1A commented on Review: Star Soldier R:

I think this game is undercredited. I see reviewers complain all over the place that the game is too short and repetitive. It's supposed to be! The game was never ment to be a full length 7 level shooter. It's a high score game. The object is not to complete it, but to get the highest score. If it were a full length game with a story line, it would be put on a disk and sold at $29.99, like Castle Shikigami III.

What we seem to forget is that, these are WiiWare games. We're so used to VC games that with WiiWare, we're expecting full titles. What do you expect from a newly released game thats sold at $5 or $10? That's like going to a video store, buying a direct-to-DVD movie, and expecting a blockbuster film. It doesn't work that way.