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Thu 29th October, 2009

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P184 commented on Nintendo Confirms Appearance, With Wii U and 3...:

I can only make the Friday. Can anyone confirm that (1) Nintendo games will be available to play that day (B) NintendoUK will be active that day.

Need to know fairly urgently. Anyone want to be a lifesaver?

@dizzy_boy You just may be the person who can answer this for me, or at least tell me what has happened at previous events..



P184 commented on Airtight Games Feels That Murdered: Soul Suspe...:

Another example of dev's being economical (excuse the pun) with the truth. The only reason to not bring it to Wii U is profit margins. Why can't they just say

"the user base is too small and we don't think we'll make enough money off of it to justify the cost of development"

That's fine, just say that instead of the confusing nonsense they often come out with.



P184 commented on Wii U System Update 4.0.3 Goes Live:

It's hardly high on the list of priorities but how Wii U doesn't have Folder support and a Community Search Bar for Miiverse yet is just beyond me.



P184 commented on Wii U System Update 4.0.3 Goes Live:

It's hardly high on the list of priorities but how Wii U doesn't have Folder support and a Community Search Bar for Miiverse yet is just beyond me.



P184 commented on Weapon Shop de Omasse to Complete Guild 01 Col...:

Already own Friday Monsters and Starship Damrey, the latter of which was disappointing. Picked up Liberation Maiden right after the N.Direct broadcast. I know it'll be short and sweet but you can't go wrong at these prices.



P184 commented on Nintendo Download: 30th January (Europe):

I know it is January, a typically slow month, but Nintendo's promise that there would not be a Software drought in 2014 really rings hollow when they can't even get anything out on the digital side, let alone retail.

Chibi Robo: Photo Finder is already out in the states, it's ready to go Nintendo, why oh why can't you slot that in this week. Crazy, just crazy.



P184 commented on Video: Xbox One vs. Nintendo 64:

Well i'm convinced. :) I seriously would purchase a brand new N64 over an XBone right now, simply because it's got so many more games I want to play. Call me when XBone has a Road Rash 64 equivalent ( the forgotten N64 Multiplayer classic!)



P184 commented on Nintendo 2DS is Actually Made With Just One Sc...:

I get that its for children, thus not having a clam-shell design means they're less likely to damage the hinges...but, the point of the hinges is so you can close the system to protect the screens. In the 2DS model, the screens are totally unprotected meaning all you've done in that respect is traded one potential issue for another.



P184 commented on Downloadable 3DS StreetPass Plaza Content Has ...:

I'm lucky in that i live in a country (Wales) with only 3 main cities, all of which are relatively close to each other and 2 of which have very active StreetPass groups, ensuring that at least once a month I can score a ton of hits and make progress through the games.



P184 commented on Review: Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS):

A decent review, although a paragraph or two on the multiplayer experience, increased customisation options and added gameplay features available on the new island should have been included.



P184 commented on Video: Latest Miiverse Update Continues to Imp...:

Other much needed changes:

1. A tag or hashtag system so you can follow trends
2. Increase 100 character limit
3. Enable gameplay video posting for regular users
4. Opt in - Out out option as to whether or not you
want to receive notifications from other users who
comment on posts you've yeah'd/commented on.
5. Additional colors and drawing tools
6. Decrease Activity Feed load times.
7. A system to challenge bans or post deletions,
or at least allow you to present your case.
8. Profile Page designs. These could be unlocked
after a certain number of posts, yeah's given, time
spent in the app etc and could be in the guise of
various Nintendo characters/franchises.



P184 commented on Review: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Wii U):

Disappointed they removed sub-objectives. I feel they added variety to missions and tested a player's knowledge of the environment, not to mention they helped prove a team's organisational skills.

Still awfully excited for the game and think that similar to NFS:MW's 'Co-Driver' mode the ability to still use the Gamepad Screen when using the Pro Controller allows for a second player to contribute by activating beacons, using items and typing commands on the on-screen keyboard for the other player.



P184 commented on Wii U Version of Need For Speed: Most Wanted U...:

I don't understand the logic here. They put it out on a system with a much lower install base than its rivals, so to attract buyers they add in the PC textures and improve the game with new features, include past DLC as standard but then attempt to undo their good work by not committing themselves to releasing future dlc.

Either do it properly or don't complain when sales aren't as high as you'd hoped.



P184 commented on Zelda Miiverse Community Launches Today For Wii U:

Nintendo has a moment of clarity: "people also want to talk about unreleased Wii U game, so let's help them out!' creating ONE!

That's great Nintendo, but couldn't you just create a whole bunch of other communities to cater for other unreleased titles as well. Save me risking code of conduct violations every time I want to discuss Monolith Soft's new game (for example)



P184 commented on Ubisoft: Nintendo Will Make "Necessary Changes...:

@ngamer155 Sir! NOBODY is complaining about the game being multi-platform. The issue is that at a time when the Wii U needs games and Nintendo needs third-party support, Ubisoft have delayed a finished title until September for absolutely no reason.

You'd think you'd know that already from the floods of similar posts appearing on this and other sites, but apparently you don't since you claim there isn't a problem.



P184 commented on Publisher Dream:

Also REALLY looking forward to this title. I got addicted to Game Dev Story, so this seems ideal.



P184 commented on Wii U Direct Scheduled For Tomorrow:

'new games' could mean new games to be released soon, as in upcoming games, in which case it would be heavily focused on announcing release dates. This is what I think is most likely.



P184 commented on 3DS RPG Fantasy Life Already Sold Out In Japan:

I've had my eye on this since it was first announced. Sometimes I think it would have been better off if i'd been Japanese since i'm more interested in games from that part of the world.



P184 commented on UK Video Games Market Fell By 17.4% in 2012:

@koolkris200 What kind of person WANTS Nintendo to go out of Business in Japan and the USA? Competition is important for industry standards and the diversity of game playing experiences. Or are you trying to say you want them only to continue operating in Europe?



P184 commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd January 2013 (Europe):

No Wii U again! Sonic Racing Demo? Zen Pinball? Trine 2 Update? Also, combine the Wii and Wii U eShops please. I've got 90 slots on my Wii U Menu, i'd rather have all my digital home console downloads in one place, and so would everyone else.

Also, NO virtual console of any kind on the Wii U eShop (because its all on Wii) isn't an acceptable situation for the future. If Nintendo continue to support the venture, hiding it away in the Wii sub-menu is hardly good sense.



P184 commented on Nintendo Download: 27th December 2012 (Europe):

Very surprised that the Wii U EU eShop didn't at least get the Sonic Racing demo this week. I know that demo's are the responsibility of the developer, so I wonder if that also means control over what regions get those demo's. Regardless, I still can't understand why Sega would choose to release the demo in the U.S a week before Xmas but not elsewhere.



P184 commented on Nintendo Download: 20th December 2012 (Europe):

Its cool we have a bunch of sales and some decent new titles...but was really expecting better for the last Download before Xmas, especially on the Wii U front. Would have been nice to see a NEW title, or even that Sonic demo NOA already have. sigh



P184 commented on Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Now Available For Fr...:

@Armyboy1994 "Considering IOS is better for handhelds..." you can't just state that like it's a given and that everyone agrees with you. IOS is good for games where touch screen control fits the gameplay, such as the Sims etc...but it's poor when a directional pad and buttons work better.