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Mon 19th Dec 2011

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Oziku commented on Review: Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance...:

@ymmas627 I have no dought that there is demon symbolism in this game. I'm not criticising it but, yes disney has been hinting witchcraft and wizardry since they were founded. Heck, Mickey mouse was originally a wizard and for anyone that doesn't believe that they are into something evil: try turning to disney channel (forgot what day) and watching this new show called gravity falls. Anyone with an oz. of knowledge in illuminati symbolism can tell somethings not right, right from the opening when a giant All-seeing-eye flashes across the screen and almost over every window in the entire show. This was produced in the USA mind you. And if you want to see even more go to google and search 'Gravity falls illuminati' Its real, very real. Oh, and lets not get on the fact that the 'D ' in Disney is actually a 6. I totally agree with you and happy that you stood up for christianity.