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Tue 7th Apr 2009

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Other_Dave commented on No, SNES Super FX Title Vortex Was Never A Tra...:

Timeline makes sense. Hasbro would have been getting ready for Generation 2 when a Transformers game was talked about. Then they probably changed their mind when it became apparent G2 hadn't provided the franchise the shot in the arm they were hopping for.

@antonvaltaz I'd be extremely surprised if Nintendo haven't figured out how to emulate the Super FX chip. There's something else going on there.



Other_Dave commented on Random: Isabelle Still Seems Upset At Negligen...:

I think the worst I felt was with the Gamecube game as I went a couple of years without anything to play it on. When I went back there was a few "eh, who are you?" comments, and then there was Tangy who...

...thought I'd been involved in a fatal accident!





Other_Dave commented on Super Mario Land 1-1:

Yeah that would be great. Originally I had a sample from that Ambassadors of Funk SuperMarioLand single at various places in the level... and then I read that recordings default to the bird chirping when uploaded, so took it out.



Other_Dave commented on Mario History: Super Mario 64 DS - 2004:

Played this a lot at the time and whilst I preferred the different caps of the original compared to the different characters of the DS version, it was still a great game.
Actually the thumb-strap was the only one of the control options I liked and I'm annoyed there's no strap with the various 3DS models.



Other_Dave commented on Double Dose Of Sin & Punishment Arrives On Nor...:

Surprised by the price hike on Sin & Punishment as they seem to have stopped doing that for Europe.
The two never-before-released-Earthbounds cost more but the likes of The Lost Levels and Super Picross are priced the same as all the other NES/SNES games.

They might still increase the price for the Europe/Oceania release but I've noticed (in the UK at least - someone previous mentioned € prices are the same) eShop N64 already costs more than the Wii Shopping channel with games increasing from £7.00 (imports £8.40) to £8.99.



Other_Dave commented on A Resident Evil 2 Remake Has Been Confirmed:

According to my Awesome Inside Sources, the Resi 2 remake will be on PC, Xbone and PS4. It's not coming to Wii U but will arrive on NX eight months after the other versions. It'll be the same as the Xbone/PS4 release but with added mini-games that make use of the NX's groinal attachment.



Other_Dave commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (...:

Another difference between the Wii and Wii U version for people to consider if they are buying the game for the first time is the price. On the Wii Shop channel N64 games (barring imports) are £7.00, whereas on the Wii U eShop they are £8.99 . You gain rumble, Miiverse posting and proper off-TV play, but is that worth the extra £1.99?



Other_Dave commented on Buy Three Nintendo 64 and DS Virtual Console G...:

Just realised the price of N64 games has gone up for Wii U. They were £7.00 (apart from imports) on the Wii Shop. That's annoying when NES/SNES games were slightly cheaper (admittedly just a penny in the case of NES games).



Other_Dave commented on Feature: Five Key Reveals We Want in 2015's Fi...:

I'm beginning to think they don't realise they never got around to releasing Dr Kawashima's Devilish Brain Training, but like @Tobias95 I'm hoping it gets a release at some point.

Other hopes: New 3DS release date and news that there will be a soundtrack CD for Majora's Mask 3D.



Other_Dave commented on Soapbox: Why We Should Expect More From The Le...:

When I first heard about HD Wind Waker I had no plans to buy it... and I still don't.
I hope they're not planning on doing this with too many Gamecube games. I'd rather just download the original versions from the eShop than pay extra because they've pressed the "Make HD" button.



Other_Dave commented on The Legend of Zelda Oracle Titles Coming to Ja...:

There's an announcement on Miiverse about Oracle of Ages/Seasons from Aonuma:

"It'll be a little while longer till they're out in other territories. We'd like to ask for your patience until they're ready for release. Thank you!"