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Sun 14th Aug 2011

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Osairis commented on Talking Point: The Great Nintendo 3DS Price Dr...:

People are so angry, it's a little bit frustrating, but it's probably due to ignorance and selfishness. Nintendo already said sorry with the Ambassador program, Iwata's apology E-mail, and the fact that a number of Nintendo executives took a pay cut.

Complaints about the price of 3DS games? $39.99 is considered expensive after knowing that you've paid $34.99 for a good amount of first party games? Heck, wasn't FF4 released at $39.99 and the fact that PSP games were originally $39.99? Hello, we're in a new generation of consoles. Too afraid to spend 5 extra dollars on a game?

Recession? It's nowhere near bad as any of the economic declines of history. I bought the 3DS at $250 and I'm still alive and kicking, while going to school. I don't make much, but it's enough to manage a life as a gamer, with my girlfriend, and as mentioned, school.

Are some of you trying to beg Nintendo to lower the price, just because they did so with their portable? What makes you able to afford a Vita and its games? The prices are strikingly similar from this generation to the last. It's unfortunate that it's become a big deal to some.