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Mon 13th Sep 2010

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Orichalcum-420 commented on Nintendo Download: 1st December 2011 (North Am...:

Happy to say I just bought a Playstation 3, and due to horrible updates for the VC and Wiiware such as this week's, THAT will be getting my entertainment budget until Nintendo gets their heads out of their a$$Es and realize that it's time to pander to the classic video game lovers again.



Orichalcum-420 commented on Nintendo Download: 10th November 2011 (North A...:

Wiiware needs no more workout games, no more aquarium games, and no more 'find the hidden object' games. The sooner Nintendo realizes this, the better.
That said, still waiting patiently for ANY kind of worthwhile VC update. NES Maniac Mansion please?!?



Orichalcum-420 commented on Nintendo Download: 13 September 2010 (North Am...:

Speaking as a 20+ year Nintendo system owner:

What made me initially decide to go with the Wii over the PS3 and the 360 was the Virtual Console feature. For the first few years, things were good. Lots of games I used to play. MANY points bought and spent. Then, all of a sudden, it's 2010, and VC updates have TANKED in both quantity and quality. And it's making me second-think my purchasing decision.

I have been patiently waiting for many, many releases from all the old systems (a few examples: Little Nemo the Dream Master, Snake Rattle and Roll, Maniac Mansion for the NES), and I don't understand how more games have not already been de-coded. And why is there no classic Game Boy featured yet?

Needless to say, this year has been more than a disappointment for a classic game fan such as myself. At least Xbox is only $200 right now...