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Fri 21st Jun 2013

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OptimusG commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Financial Results Te...:

The only reason the 3DS sold was because of the price cut and GENERAL INTEREST in the handheld. Then it got games.

Glasses free 3D? That was something totally new and never done before. It was interesting. Also it was easy to explain the product to the masses. The name itself was a no brainer. You knew what to expect and what you were getting.

Wii U is a system that tried mixing two concepts and failed. Dual screen and tablet. Both things aren't new. Quite old actually. Also the Wii U doesnt have games that show off these concepts in a new exciting way. Heck, Nintendo themselves don't even put in effort for touch screen integration. A hud on ur controller isnt anything to brag about and is not impressive. The name for the console makes no sense either, it causes confusion.

Its sad that Nintendo THEMSELVES cant even explain their own console to people.

Its sad that they never knew after 5 years of HD how long it takes to develop hd games.

Its sad that nintendo said all these things about their console and can't even deliver on them.

Its sad that nintendo doesnt show pro controller support. No point in even selling it if a good majority of your games wont support the damn thing.

Its sad that BARELY ANY of your games support online. Nintendo online is a thing. Hop on it. The whole family living room scene is becoming non existent. Smartphones are taking over. Online is a HUGE part if people's lives now.

Its sad that you refuse to fire or hire people. We need new young blood.

Its sad, that I spent 350 on a wii u when I could have saved it for a ps4 which is 50 dollars more, has actual launch games, third party support, an existsent online ecosystem & has better specs



OptimusG commented on New Smash Bros. to be "Something Right in Betw...:

Note that he said the SPEED of the game will be like Melee, not the technical part.

Honestly, might not pick it up. Casuals are just ruining the game and Nintendo. Thanks to the casuals we got an underpowered console because Nintendo thought that casuals would double dip even though the majority of them abandoned the Wii.

Anyways, Melee wasn't even that bad. The learning curve was NEVER that serious. You could easily learn it. What it came down to was if people, excuse me, the casuals WANTED too.

Also since when was smash bros labelled as a laid back cartoony game meant for casuals? Like who came up with this bs? I would like to have a word with them..



OptimusG commented on Sakurai Aiming To Please "The Silent Majority"...:

@Benjelo It's not about who prefers what game, that's totally opinion (even though facts prove that Melee was better) but it comes down to why are we trying to please the "silent majority". The majority that's not speaking and probably don't care for most mechanics added into the game.

It doesn't work that way. There have been many instances where people master a problem but still lose. It's not something you can control. It's not always going to be "ok well everytime this happens i'll never get hit". It happens to the pros as well. It's all luck based.

You obviously are a casual so you'd think that way but that's not how you balance a game. In the long run you would cater most of the game to the non-casual since it's going to be them who will be keeping the game alive. Not the casuals who will eventually put it down and maybe return to it 2 months later or on an odd day. Look at SSF4. That game still has huge competitions, still popular and is alive and kicking. Why is it doing so well? Because of the "loud" ones. Because of the competitive players of the game, which is basically a good chunk of the install base.

"These games are for having fun... they are not really one of those games for intense players". & how did you come up with this conclusion because Melee would like to have a word with you. If it wasn't meant for "intense players" (whatever that means) then many of the mechanics added into Brawl & Melee wouldn't be present. Sakurai is trying to cater to both but it's pretty obvious that people want him to cater more towards the competitive side (which he should be doing IMO).

If I'm upset then don't play my buttcheecks. Maybe the "silent majority" should not play if they don't want competitiveness.



OptimusG commented on Sakurai Aiming To Please "The Silent Majority"...:

Was Brawl a good game? Yes. Was it great? No.

Why try pleasing the "silent majority"? If they cared then they would speak up and let their voices be heard.

Melee will always be the better game. You can try to make as many points as you want but Melee was. It added a competitive AND non competitive aspect, it was deeper, more technical, faster, combo based, etc. Most of you are saying you like Brawl because of the characters, items and "content" when the only new content was subspace emissary, items, characters and a stage builder which was very bare bones. Many things Melee had done as well compared to its predocessor. Brawl threw away the competitive aspect in favour of the casuals. They let go a huge part of the install base. Brawl was a lot worse. Being stuck in a chaingrab WORSE than Melee with no escape, no gravity, having an OP asf character that demolished the whole roster stopping the meta game from ever improving and much more. On the surface the game was good but going deeper in it sucked.

Also for those of you who didn't know, the competitive scene for Melee & Brawl is very big. A lot of you seem to think its tiny and non existent when that's not the case.

I hate how I spend hours and days trying to perfect a character and learn as much as I can about them like their frame data, gameplay, etc and try to become better as a player in general just for it to go all to waste to casuals who don't care about any of that stuff and won't even bother or think about trying to get better and just want to button mash. People who play because its "omfg peach is fighting" or like stated above "haha a luigi fighting a sonic and snake". Like Injustice Gods Among Us. Learning combos, what's safe what's not, my wakeup options, my character only to face people who want to spam one move and a certain projectile to win instead of trying to learn at least one combo.

I really want this game to be good. But it can't take after Brawl. It can borrow the good things that came from Brawl like the smash ball but when it comes to technical things it just can't. Hope you guys understand where I'm coming from and stuff :s lol