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Male, 23, United States

I no longer plan on posting here anymore. I want to stay away from negative people as much as possible, and this community is growing worse and worse in that regard.

Fri 2nd July, 2010

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OptimisticLink commented on Soapbox: Even With The Arrival Of PS4 And Xbox...:

To be blunt, I've been more interested in PC gaming more than PS and Xbox lately. Most of the games being released on the PS4 and Xbox One have PC releases as well, and thus, PC versions are often superior to console versions.

I bought a Wii U and 3DS primarily for their exclusive titles, and I'll probably get a decent desktop PC for everything else.



OptimisticLink commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Doesn't Rule Out Additional H...:

I would like to see a Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door HD. I don't know why, but it would be interesting incorporating slightly realistic papery textures of that Sticker Star's promotional artwork:
Sticker Star:

You probably get the idea.